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Report: Parcells accepts 4 year deal w/ Dolphins

The Miami Herald is reporting that Bill Parcells has indeed accepted the job:

Former NFL coach Bill Parcells has agreed to a four-year deal proposed by owner Wayne Huizenga to make him the team's head of football operations, a source has told The Miami Herald.

Huizenga was at the Dolphins' training facility for approximately one hour, from 4:45 p.m. to just before 6 p.m., where he met with Cam Cameron in the coach's office. The futures of both Cameron and general manager Randy Mueller are currently unknown.

The above comes from Armando Salguero. Salguero also posted this in his blog:

The Bill Parcells deal is done. It is for four years according to a source.

Hank Goldberg of WQAM radio in Miami tells me that his sources say Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga has agreed NOT to sell the Dolphins for the four years so he could land Parcells.

The Dolphins are expected to introduce Parcells before the end of this week, barring a last-minute glitch in negotiations.

Huizenga pulled into the Dolphins parking lot at about 4:45 ostensibly to speak with Coach Cam Cameron and General Manager Randy Mueller. Huizenga met with Cameron earlier today.

It is apparent Parcells is all but set to become the Dolphins vice president of football operations or a position similar in title to that that would give him control of the football team.

If all this is true, then it seems Parcells is a member of the Miami Dolphins organization. That's certainly a step in the right direction.

It's also been reported that Bill will begin interviewing potential GMs and coaches on Friday, though I can't confirm this.

I'll have much more on this later tonight, including my Thursday morning post (which will look at what this might mean for the franchise).

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