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Bill Parcells Updates

I created a new post for the Parcells talk and will keep it updated as the day rolls along, with the most recent news at the top:

**UPDATE#6**: Here's the latest, courtesy of

Parcells is almost certain to land in Miami after Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga sent word Wednesday to Parcells that he has decided not to sell the team, sources have told ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Len Pasquarelli.

Parcells has a four-year agreement in place to become the Dolphins vice president of football operations -- the identical role he had negotiated with Falcons owner Arthur Blank, a Dolphins source said. Parcells is expected to sign a contract in the next 48 hours, and sources say it unlikely to fall through as it did with the Falcons.

Very interesting that Wayne is now saying that he won't sell the team. That is quite possibly the reason why Bill suddenly turned down the Atlanta gig. And that makes a lot of sense. However, don't get too excited until we hear that it is official because, with Bill, you never know... [end update#6]

**UPDATE#5**: ESPN's Len Pasquarelli just spoke on ESPNews and here are the highlights of what he said:

He said that the Dolphins and Bill Parcells are in "active negotiations" and that the two sides are "moving towards an agreement." He said he doesn't expect it to be done today but should be completed "by the end of the week." Len was then asked about what this could mean for GM Randy Mueller and head coach Cam Cameron. Len replied by saying he would expect "sweeping changes within the Miami Dolphins organization" and that this "doesn't bode well for Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron." Then when asked for a possible name, Len said that Bill would likely bring in people who he's had past relationships with and threw out one name of a potential head coach: Tom Coughlin. [end update#5]

**UPDATE#4**: Here's some news from the Herald's Armando Salguero:

Bill Parcells is negotiating the final details of a contract that would bring him to the Dolphins to head the team's football operations.

The negotiations have been on-going between Parcells agent Jimmy Sexton and Miami owner Wayne Huizenga.

Although published and internet reports early Wednesday said Parcells was ready to take an offer from the Atlanta Falcons to become their vice president in charge of football operations - a job that would grant him the power to hire a general manager and head coach - Parcells backed out of that offer today.

Parcells, 66, is now entering the final stages of talks with the Dolphins, according to multiple sources. The Dolphins officially declined comment according to the media relations department.

Getting more interesting by the minute. As VP of Football Operations, Parcells would have the ability to bring in his own GM and/or coach if he so chooses. Hmmm... [end update#4]

**UPDATE#3**: Here's the statement Falcons owner Arthur Blank made about Parcells:

"Prior to the information becoming public, we had reached an agreement in principle with Parcells, and we met with him this morning to complete the contract. At that time, we were made aware by Parcells that he was considering a revised offer from the Miami Dolphins. He later informed us that he would not be signing a contract with us."

Now, Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene declined to comment, but here's what Vonnie Holliday said when he heard about the rumors, courtesy of ESPN:

"Really? You can't control it. But somebody like the Big Tuna, regardless of who's in the front office or who's not, brings a lot of respect and a lot of credibility with him. He's a Hall of Famer. If you're a free agent out there, that might draw you in."

""I have a lot of respect for what he's been able to do in other places and I'd expect, if he did come in here, for him to do the same. I don't know what's going to happen upstairs. I have no idea. I have a lot of respect for [GM] Randy Mueller, as well. But my interest is in what's best for this team and getting us in the right direction."

Now, ESPN's Chris Mortenson said on ESPNews that he knows the Dolphins and Parcells had talks bout 10 days ago, but isn't sure what those talks entailed. He did say that he doesn't think Parcells is interested in coaching nor as a GM. So it looks like Parcells might be the next VP of Football Operations (or something like that). I wonder what this means for Randy Mueller's future as GM. [end update#3]

**UPDATE#2**: Now ESPN and ProFootballTalk are reporting that Bill Parcells has NOT accepted the Atlanta Falcons job and that he is now, indeed, considering the Miami Dolphins. Here's the quote from's front page:

Bill Parcells and the Atlanta Falcons had a deal in principle Tuesday night. By Wednesday afternoon, it was gone. The team said Wednesday that Parcells "would not be signing a contract with us" and that Parcells is "considering a revised offer from the Miami Dolphins."

We'll keep you posted. [end update#2]

**UPDATE**: I just read this on Armando Salguero's blog and felt the need to share it:

I've spoken to someone close to Bill Parcells who confirms the former coach's agent -- Jimmy Sexton -- did indeed reach out to the Dolphins, as ESPN is reporting.

Now here's the problem: Although Parcells was VERY interested in working for the Dolphins because, after all, he owns a house in South Florida, loves the weather and is a big fan of the ponies at Calder and Gulfstream, he was turned off to the idea of working for the Dolphins for one reason.

He wanted to know who his boss would be in two or three years. And Wayne Huizenga could not guarantee he would be that guy.

So the Dolphins miss out on their opportunity to hire a so-called "superstar" football man because the team's ownership situation is in limbo.

It's great to hear that Parcells did indeed reach out to the Dolphins and ask if they were interested. But it's very troubling to think that some of the top football minds may not want to come ot Miami right now because the potential is there for a sale of the team. This is something that could hinder a lot of things. Coaches may not want to come here because of the "cloudy" future of the team's ownership.

The way I see it, this "potential" sale of the team by Huizenga is likely going to be a big factor in Cam Cameron's future with the team (as well as Randy Mueller's). I got a feeling that as long as the team is "on the market" and Wayne is fielding offers, Cam and Randy will likely be back for at least another year. Sure, there are rumors that Rich McKay might be interested in the Miami job, but I honestly wouldn't even want to see that happen. What has McKay done that Mueller hasn't? Has he drafted any better? No. Has he hired better coaches? No. There's no need for this franchise to bother bringing McKay in. And I think it says something about McKay, if he is actually interested in the Dolphins, because most top football minds will not want to come to Miami for the same reason Parcells didn't. McKay, though, probably thinks his future in Atlanta is basically over and he might feel that no other NFL teams would be interested in him at this point in time. That could be why he'd be willing to work for an organization like the Dolphins in which McKay isn't even assured to have the same boss in a year or two. Sorry, guys. But I'm 100% convicned I'd rather stick with Mueller, a former executive of the year, rather than bring in McKay. [end update]

Per ESPN, as well as ProFootballTalk, Bill Parcells is likely to accept the job offer of VP of Football Operations with the Atlanta Falcons.  Here's what Parcells says in the ESPN article:

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it. [Owner] Arthur [Blank] and I have had some pretty constructive discussions. I basically will oversee the football operations. We'll meet today -- not in Atlanta -- and work out some of the final details but I don't think there's any deal breakers here."

So that ends the Bill to Miami rumors and ideas that some have been spewing.