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PFW: Jason Taylor likely to be traded

We've been hearing these kinds of rumblings all year long, and now here's another.  And this one is from a credible source.  Pro Football Weekly reports that Jason Taylor wants out of Miami.  Here's what they say:

Jason Taylor wants out of Miami. We hear that the 11-year veteran, who has spent his entire career as a Dolphin, is bothered more than most players by the winless season and wants to go to a team that he deems a contender. While he hasn't come out and said it, he tacitly affirmed his willingness to be traded around the trade deadline this season, and while no deal was struck, we hear it should happen this offseason...It stands to reason that Taylor will be looked at most seriously by teams that play a base 3-4. Miami could conceivably attract a first-round pick for him, but a more likely scenario is a second-rounder.

If the Dolphins could get a 1st round pick for Taylor, that would be an absolutely great trade.  I love Taylor just as much as the next guy, but he isn't part of the long-term solution here.  At 33 years of age, the Dolphins might as well get for him whatever they can.  I don't see how the Dolphins could get a 1st rounder for him, but I'll be hoping.  However, like PFW says, even for a 2nd round pick, Miami would have to do it.  Taylor's been an all-time great Dolphin and will always be loved in south Florida.  But the time has come to part ways.  The Dolphins can focus on long-term rebuilding while Taylor can try and get his well-deserved ring.  So keep this in mind as you watch these last 3 games.  You may be watching the final 3 games of an all-time great Dolphin.  And if you're lucky enough to be going to the final game on December 30, be sure to show JT your appreciation for 11 great years!!