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QB Update: Lemon officially starter

Though we are still awaiting official word that Cleo Lemon will be the starter for Sunday's game, other media outlets are also reporting it.  One of those is ESPN.  Len Pasquarelli is reporting that Cleo Lemon will start on Sunday.  And you'll remember that yesterday, Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reported the same thing.  But still, there hasn't been official word yet.

However, the Sun-Sentinel tells us that Cleo was working with the first team duringthe beginning part of practice, which is open to the media.  As soon as we hear anything official, though, I'll pass it along.

**UPDATE**: It's official. Cleo Lemon will start on Sunday. Here's what Cam said:

"The bottom line is Cleo will start this game and had a good practice today. It's not an ideal situation when we're switching quarterbacks. I think we all know that. You'd like to get to where we settle in with one guy. Right now, we're going into this game to win this game, and Cleo is the guy to start this game."

One thing Cam wouldn't do is say that if this change is permanent, leaving the door open for Beck to possibly start either in week 16, week 17, or both. In fact, Cam wouldn't even say that the idea of replacing an ineffective Lemon with John Beck isn't a possibility. Sunday should be an interesting day for us.