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Zach Thomas ruled out for Sunday

Despite participating in practice yesterday, Zach Thomas has been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Bills.  Here's what Cam Cameron said about the situation:

"It's kind of day-to-day and that's the way we approached it, and then we came to that conclusion and he will not practice today. Obviously, we'll go into this game just like we did going into London, with Channing Crowder and Derrick Pope and that crew. (Zach) had a good practice yesterday, but as we're finding out in these situations, one day isn't always indicative of the next day and we've kind of been through this and that's what we're learning. He was positive yesterday, he came in this morning and things were not quite the same and again that's the recommendation of our medical staff."

That certainly sucks, as now Marshawn Lynch will likely have an easier time on the ground.  Hopefully Channing Crowder can step up his game, something he hasn't been able to do when filling in for Zach.  Looking at the big picture, though, let's all just hope Zach gets better at some point and is able to continue his outstanding career beyond 2007.