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Dolphin Nuggets: John Beck & Zach Thomas

There was a short little blurb in the blog of ESPN's John Clayton yesterday about John Beck.  Here's what Clayton writes:

Beck time: Another rookie who may make it on the field before Russell is John Beck of Miami. Cleo Lemon is starting, but the Dolphins second-round pick could play Sunday if Lemon struggles. Beck underwent a little bit of a mid-season slump in practices with the Dolphins but has rebounded and done much better recently. It's only a matter of weeks before Beck is given the chance to start, but he could be playing this week if Lemon gets off to a bad start.

It's interesting that Clayton tells us Beck underwent "a little bit of a mid-season slump in practices."  I say that because no other media outlet has reported such a thing.  And considering the media is only able to watch about a half hour of practice, it makes me wonder where Clayton got this info from.  Perhaps it comes from a Dolphins source within the organization.  Who knows?  But what is good news is that Clayton says he has rebounded and done much better recently.  And like I said in an earlier post, Clayton also thinks there's a chance Beck could see action on Sunday if Lemon struggles.

Because of all the times Zach Thomas has missed this season, many people have been speculating about his future.  Will he retire after the season?  Are the injuries, especially the concussions, too much of an issue for him to continue his brilliant career?  Not according to Thomas, that's for sure.  Here's what Thomas said Wednesday about this very issue:

"I plan to play here or play elsewhere [next season]. I just feel like I'm going to give it one last shot."

This has been a hot topic this week especially, considering Thomas has not been cleared for contact yet and could miss yet another game.  Why?  He's currently suffering from migraines which may or may not be a result of the concussion he suffered earlier this season.  Despite all this, Thomas made it perfectly clear that his career is not close to being over:

"All I need is an offseason. It's not like a knee injury. In the offseason, you've got five or six months then. As long as I don't make [the head injuries] more severe, if I'm smart with this, I'll be good."

In my opinion, he's had a remarkable career and should be headed to Canton even if he doesn't return next season.  However, he clearly still has the fire and in the end, it'll be up to Zach, his family, and his doctor to determine what's best for him, both presently and in the future.