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More on the QB situation

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As we sit here mid-week, I figured I might as well continue the talk about the QB situation here because, well, that's the hot story. And if that's what you want to talk about, then that's what you'll get!!

I don't think anyone has brought this up yet, but I think it's something that deserves talking about. Why did Cam decide to make the announcement so soon? I don't really understand this move. How could Cam decide Cleo Lemon gives the Dolphins the best chance to win when he only had 2 practices to look at John Beck closely? You see, Beck just started splitting first-team reps with Lemon last week. But they only practiced on Wednesday last week. They then practiced on Monday of this week. And then following that practice, Cameron made the announcement that Cleo would start. Doesn't that seem odd to anyone else other than me? I don't see why Cam didn't hold off on making it official just to give Beck more time. It's not like Lemon is getting more reps in practice now because he was named starter. Cam said the reps with the first team will remain split evenly among the two quarterbacks. So what's the benefit to making the announcement so quickly? Maybe it's just me and I need to stop looking through these "rose-colored glasses," but my gut (and it's quite the gut) tells me that there's a very real chance of John replacing Cleo on Sunday at some point. Perhaps by making the announcement so early, it took any undue pressure off of John for this week. Then, to try and create a spark on Sunday, Cam will replace Cleo with John and away we go. Anyone else buying into this thoery? Or am I just nuts? I'm not so sure myself.

Greg Stoda, of the Palm Beach Post, has a very unique take on this situation. You see, Stoda thinks that the Dolphins should NOT start Beck at all this season. He points to the fact that many believed prior to the season that John wouldn't see any action this year. But because of the Trent Green injury, many people are calling for John so start. Stoda says that wasn't the plan:

John Beck's time is next season, not the next game, which means the 0-8 Miami Dolphins finally did something right. In fact, by declaring that Cleo Lemon will remain their starting quarterback against Buffalo, the Dolphins, given their record, might have had their best Monday of the season.

Here's hoping, too, the Dolphins stick to what has been their strategy with Beck, a rookie out of Brigham Young. Here's hoping, in other words, the Dolphins start Lemon for the remainder of the season as long as injury doesn't dictate otherwise.

The Dolphins can't possibly make a worthwhile evaluation of Beck by giving him the starting job now - not with running back Ronnie Brown out for the season and the guy who would have been Beck's best receiver playing for San Diego. How could Beck be expected to show the best of himself in the midst of the Dolphins' current mess? And what, exactly, would his failure demonstrate?

There's simply no need to panic at oh-and-halfway through the season, but panic is what it would amount to if Miami inserts Beck as starting quarterback. The potential risk far outweighs any potential reward.

The Dolphins have to know they would be best served by continuing to use this season to groom Beck, which was the idea from the beginning, and have him come to camp next season as the starter. Cameron, the Chargers' former offensive coordinator, has firsthand knowledge of how well such a blueprint can work after spending time with quarterbacks Philip Rivers and Drew Brees in San Diego.

This is as good a place as any to quash the notion that the Dolphins should use what's going to be a high-on-the-charts pick in the first round of next year's draft to choose another quarterback. They've identified Beck as the one they hope will lead them out of the wilderness - hey, they passed on Brady Quinn, didn't they? - and it would be counterproductive to take a Brian Brohm or a Dennis Dixon or a Matt Ryan or an Andre' Woodson this time around.

Some interesting ideas thrown around by Stoda in this article and I highly encourage you to check out the entire article, which can be found here. I know he is in the minority on this, as most people, including myself, want to see Beck out there ASAP. But maybe we should give Cam the benefit of the doubt on this one based on his past in developing QBs and trust him to handle Beck in a way which will only benefit him in the future. Of course, all the people who dislike Cameron will point out how incompetent he is as a head coach and not realize that he developed Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers (and see how Rivers is struggling without Cam). If there is one thing Cam is successful at, it's knowing how to bring along young quarterbacks.