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Salguero: Blame Beck

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I wasn't sure if anyone has seen this article yet, but it certainly deserves some discussion. The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero writes today that we should not blame Cam Cameron for starting Cleo Lemon. Instead, he says we should blame John Beck. In my opinion, this article is a joke. But it does deserve a read. Here's an excerpt:

No, if there is responsibility, blame even, for the dead-end quarterback road the Dolphins are currently following, it lies more accurately with the player expected to steer the franchise back on course.

John Beck.

The coach simply picked the better player. And that, unfortunately for the Dolphins, still is not Beck.

''Two things,'' Cameron began Monday in citing the reasons he picked Lemon over Beck, ``Number one, Cleo gives us, at this point in time, the best opportunity to win. And if in fact you make the change, has the person you put in earned that right?''

That is a convoluted way of making a point, but allow me to translate: Cameron said he is starting the better quarterback, the player more capable of helping the Dolphins succeed.

It's not about protecting Beck because the offensive line is leaky. That isn't true. It's not about waiting for the schedule to offer a pushover game because the winless Dolphins are incapable of pushing anyone around anyway.

It is, purely and simply, that Lemon is today better than Beck.

If Beck were better, Cameron would have made a different announcement Monday. If Beck were a prodigy on the scale of a Dan Marino, who memorably started nine games and threw 20 touchdowns in his rookie year, there would be no debate about Miami's starter now.

But as Beck and Lemon share snaps equally in practices only coaches study and grade, it has become painfully obvious to Cameron and his staff that Beck still has not passed Lemon.

Like I said above, I do think that Salguero is way, way off here. I think what he was trying to do, rather than actually use his head, he decided to write an article that would generate some debate and would get people's attention. Because the fact is that there's no way anyone can say it's John Beck's fault he isn't starting. He only had 2 practices where he received 50% of the reps to begin with before Cam made his decision. So there's no way, after 2 practices, Cam could have decided that Cleo Lemon is better than John Beck. And in reality, how can we know until Beck gets his shot under center in a real game.

And even if Beck isn't clearly better at this point (which is quite possible due to his lack of experience), shouldn't the Dolphins put in Beck to get experience? That's what we've all been saying all along. And Armando makes the mistake of bring up Dan Marino, which isn't fair. There really aren't any QBs today that are like him. Even Peyton Manning struggled his rookie year. So to say that John Beck isn't a prodigy like Marino was isn't very relevant here.

And speaking of Marino, he agrees with all of us. He, too, feels Beck should be playing so we can all see what he's got:

"I think that they need to see him play to find out whether he was worth a high draft pick and decide what they're going to do with him."

Right on, Dan!