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Week 9 Open Thread

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So it's week 9 in the NFL season and one thing is for sure: the Dolphins will not lose today!! Yeah, yeah, I know they they don't play. But hey, it'll be nice to not have to suffer through yet another disappointing loss. I think we can all use this break.

And this week isn't a bad time for the Dolphins bye week, as their are some very good games this week. At 1:00, I'll be closely watching the the Packers/Chiefs game, as this game will provide a good test for the one-loss Packers. Traveling to Arrowhead to play KC is never an easy task, so it'll be interesting to see how they respond. I'm also interested in the Titans/Panthers matchup. This Titans team really baffles me. I don't think they are that good and yet they sit at 5-2. The Panthers I feel can matchup with Tennessee and I wouldn't be surprised to see Carolina pull this one out on the road.

Of course, the game of the day, perhaps the game of the century (in terms of regular season games) will be played at 4:15 in Indianapolis. This Colts/Patriots battle has the makings to be a classic. Never have two undefeated teams played each other this late in the season. And never have the undefeated Super Bowl champions played a home game where they were underdogs. And the Colts are actually 5 and a half point dogs the last I saw. That's crazy and says a lot about the Patriots. Without a doubt, this is the most anticipated regular season NFL game ever played. Will it live up to the hype? I sure hope so, as I'll be glued to the TV hoping for a good game and a Colts win. And though I'll be pulling for Indy, if I was a betting man, I'd take the Pats giving the 5.5 points. But boy do I hope I'm wrong on this one.

Enjoy the games, everyone! And have a great Sunday!