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Targeting Breakdown: Week 12 Edition

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Despite the terrible conditions that the game was played in, John Beck was still able to complete over 60% of his passes.  If you remember last week, John targeted receivers just 52% of the time.  Well this week, that number drastically increased, which is certainly a positive.  Of John's 22 passes (he attempted 23, but 1 was a throw-away), 14 of them (64%) were intended for a receiver.  Marty Booker was actually targeted the most this week, have 8 passes thrown his way.  Last week, Marty only had 1 pass thrown his direction.  Ted Ginn was targeted 5 times, catching 3 of them.  He currently has caught 64% of the passes thrown his way since John became starter.  That's certainly a good sign.  I guess those who questioned Teddy's hands were way off.

Meanwhile, a running back was only targeted 3 times on Monday night.  And one of those was off of a deflection by a Steelers lineman in which the ball fell into the hands of Chatman for a loss of 4.  So why no swing passes like we've been accustomed to seeing?  Maybe they just weren't there at all thanks to good coverage by Pittsburgh.  Or maybe Cam saw that John struggled last week completing swing passes and decided to avoid them until John could get better timing with his backs.  Either way, Cam seemed to replace those swing passes with WR screens.  Personally, I like the WR screen, especially to Ginn.  If executed and blocked right, it would be a very big play.

Total Targets
Here's how the full season targeting breaks down through 11 games:

Marty Booker: 72 targets (21%)
Chris Chambers: 66 targets (19%)
Ronnie Brown: 46 targets (13%)
Ted Ginn: 31 targets (9%)
Justin Peelle: 31 targets (9%)
David Martin: 29 targets (8%)
Jesse Chatman: 29 targets (8%)
Derek Hagan: 28 targets (8%)
Patrick Cobbs: 5 targets (1%)
Reagan Mauia: 3 targets (1%)
Aaron Halterman: 3 targets (1%)

Beck's Targets
And here's how John's targeting breaks down through his first 2 NFL starts:

Ted Ginn: 11 targets (26%)
Marty Booker: 9 targets (21%)
Jesse Chatman: 6 targets (14%)
Derek Hagan: 5 targets (12%)
David Martin: 4 targets (9%)
Justin Peelle: 4 targets (9%)
Patrick Cobbs: 2 targets (5%)
Aaron Halterman: 2 targets (5%)

Receiver Success
Here's the updated catch percentages for those players with at least 10 receptions:

David Martin: 76%
Justin Peelle: 74%
Jesse Chatman: 72%
Derek Hagan: 50%
Ted Ginn: 48%
Marty Booker: 47%

Chambers SD Update
Last week, Chambers had 5 catches on 7 targets.  Here is where his San Diego totals currently stand:

Targeted: 22%
Catch percentage: 55%