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Source: Ricky Williams out for season

So much for the return of Ricky Williams.  After just 6 carries on Monday night, Ricky Williams' season is reportedly done, according to the Palm Beach Post.  Citing a source, the paper reports that Ricky has suffered a torn chest muscle and will need around 4 months to fully recover.

The injury occured on the play in which Ricky fumbled early in the 2nd quarter. Replays showed Lawrence Timmons, the Steeler who recovered the ball, step on Williams' shoulder while he was on the ground laying face down in the slop that was Heinz Field.

Here's what his agent, Leigh Steinberg, had to say:

"It's just sad. As hard as he's worked. He worked so hard physically to get back into shape and in therapy. He worked so hard for that moment and to have it end this way is sad."

"Life is a series of crossroads. On the positive side, he has been readmitted to the NFL. The Dolphins were clear that they want him to rehab there, that he's part of the team again. So he's taken that next step. He's back in the NFL and that's a positive. Unfortunately, injuries are part of the game and his return was in the most extreme conditions."

What an unfortunate end to Ricky's comeback story for 2007. It also creates a mess for Miami's backfield. Jesse Chatman was also injured, but I haven't yet heard any report on how he is. You have to figure that there's now no way a team would ever trade anything for Ricky. So that goes out the window.

It's been that kind of season for the Dolphins. And so it continues...