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Week 12 Open Thread

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Well the Dolphins don't play until tomorrow night, meaning we can all sit back and enjoy a stress free Sunday afternoon of football. And looking at week 12, consider this: the top 5 teams in the NFL (Pats, Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers) do not play on Sunday afternoon. That makes for some interesting matchups among the teams battling for playoff spots. The Browns/Texans game is certainly one to watch, as it has the makings of a high scoring game between 2 of the NFL's top young wide receivers (Braylon Edwards and Andre Johnson). The Bucs/Redskins game is an intriguing matchup, with Washington a win away from pulling into a tie for the 6 see in the NFC. The Titans/Bengals game is also one to watch. That Bengals passing attack is as dangerous as ever with the return of Chris Henry, who has played well. The Titans, on the other hand, can't afford another loss if they want to remain in the thick of the playoff race.

Use this thread to discuss anything and everything from today's action. I'll be around here checking in from time to time.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!