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Memo to Mr. Lemon: You aren't any good

Apparently, Cleo Lemon doesn't understand a very important fact: he isn't any good!! Ok, I don't want to be too rough, because I don't think he's terrible. But c'mon, man. He needs to stop kidding himself and realize what he is: a career backup.

In an article in today's Palm Beach Post, Tim Graham writes about how Cleo Lemon was watching last Sunday's game from the sideline and imagining himself leading the Dolphins to a crucial touchdown and even possibly a win. Yup, that's right. Cleo Lemon seems to actually think he's good or something. You can't make this crap up, I'll tell you that. Here's some of what he said:

"That's what you always think as a competitor. The day you stop thinking like that, that might be the day you give it up. You always feel like you can give something to the team. By being a competitor, you always want to be on that field."
(On Beck's performance)
"I'm not going to talk about anybody else's performance. I can't speak on their performance. I can only speak on what I can give to this team. I feel like I can give a lot to this team, but when decisions are made you just have to play your role."

Alright, fine. He's a "competitor" so I guess I shouldn't expect him to say anything else. But telling a reporter you were standing on the sidelines imagining you were leading the team to a win? That's being a piss poor teammate.

Then there's this observation that gets pointed out in the article. Following the game, John Beck remained in his uniform, sitting as his locker, thinking about the game. This was even after many Dolphins had already showered. But Beck had not. He was "soaking in Trent Green's counsel" at this time. He was looking back on the game with Trent because John is a perfectionist and is always looking to get better. Where was Lemon? To quote the article, "Lemon was nowhere to be seen."

Yea, thanks for nothing Cleo. You were worthless as a starting quarterback and now you're showing that you are worthless as a backup quarterback as well.

This article by Graham also speculates that Lemon will not be back with the Dolphins. Graham mentions the Jets as a potential landing spot for him.

Earlier this year, I said I wouldn't mind having Cleo back as a backup. But after hearing how Cleo is clearly all about himself, I hope he doesn't come back to this team. Because the truth is that Cleo Lemon isn't any good. There's no way Cleo deserves to be a starter in this league, regardless of team. I do think he'd make a good backup, but that's only if he can learn to accept what he is.

But if Cleo does go, then that will likely mean the Dolphins will only have one quarterback on the roster (assuming Trent Green is done). So what should the Dolphins do for a backup? Some free agent QBs include Rex Grossman, Josh McCown, Ken Dorsey, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Drew Henson, and Jamie Martin. But none of them seem to jump out at me as a solid backup for John.