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Breaking Down the Passing Game: Week 11 Edition

Well, finally, we don't have to look at who Cleo Lemon was targeting.  Of course, we all know that if it was Cleo out there, the backs and tight ends would have been targeted much more often.  Anyway, let's get into John Beck's targeting.  He attempted 22 passes, but one was a throw-away.  Therefore, because there was no intended receiver, that throw is not included in the targeting.  

It was refreshing to see our potential franchise quarterback throwing to the team's future #1 wide receiver, Ted Ginn, early and often.  He was targeted by John 6 times, which was the second highest total all year.  His 4 receptions were an early career high.  Beck also targeted Derek Hagan, the other young wideout, 4 times.  One troublesome trend I saw was the inability for John to get on the same page with Jesse Chatman.  Chatman saw 5 targets, but had only one reception.  I'm assuming that with practice, their timing and comfort level with each other will improve.  

Also, I know I promised a pass-by-pass breakdown of Beck's performance, and I still suspect that time will come at some point.  I also promised a video with each of John's pass attempts.  I'm still hoping to do that, but technical difficulties are making it a bit harder.  Hopefully I will still get that video made, though.

Total Targets
Chris Chambers: 66 targets (21%)
Marty Booker: 64 targets (20%)
Ronnie Brown: 46 targets (14%)
Juston Peelle: 29 targets (9%)
Jesse Chatman: 28 targets (9%)
Derek Hagan: 27 targets (8%)
Ted Ginn: 26 targets (8%)
David Martin: 26 targets (8%)
3 others: 9 targets (3%)

Beck's Targets
For the first time (of hopefully many), here's how Beck's targeting breaks down after his 1st career start:

Ted Ginn: 6 targets (29%)
Jesse Chatman: 5 targets (24%)
Derek Hagan: 4 targets (19%)
Aaron Halterman: 2 targets (10%)
Justin Peelle: 2 targets (10%)
Marty Booker: 1 target (5%)
David Martin: 1 target (5%)

Receiver Success
Here are the updated catch percentages for each player with at least 10 receptions:

David Martin: 77%
Justin Peelle: 72%
Jesse Chatman: 71%
Derek Hagan: 52%
Ted Ginn: 46%
Marty Booker: 45%

Chambers SD Update
Last week, Chris Chambers had 4 catches on 8 targets, keeping his catch percentage at a steady 50%.

Targeted: 22%
Catch percentage: 50%