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Mid-day Nuggets

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Steelers will be without 2 key players.  The first is WR Santonio Holmes.  Holmes is suffering from a high ankle sprain.  That's a fairly significant loss to the offense, as Holmes has been the team's leading receiver all season long.  He leads them in receptions (39), yards (664), and touchdowns (7).  The Steelers will also likely be without safety Troy Polamalu.  Polamalu is suffering from a knee sprain.  This will be a major plus to both the Dolphins' running game and passing game.  Polamalu usually makes a bigger impact in run support, but I'm sure John Beck will be happy he doesn't have to worry about Troy roaming around in the secondary.  He's extremely fast and has good instincts.  Tyrone Carter, who will replace Polamalu, is experienced (8 year vet) but is not as athletic as Polamalu.  He isn't as fast and isn't as big of a hitter.  So the Dolphins dodging 2 early bullets.

All season long, the NFL has held a poll each week to determine who was the NFL's Rookie of the Week.  This week, our very own Teddy Ginn is one of the nominees, and rightfully so.  So you all need to go to this link here and cast your vote for Ginn.  And to those who aren't interested in voting, consider this: Ginn is currently second in voting and trails the Jets' David Harris.  That's right, a freakin' Jet is ahead.  So that right there should be motivation enough to cast your vote.  There's nothing to sign up for or anything.  It only takes 2 seconds.  Just go to this link and click the circle next to Ginn's name and then the "submit" button in blue box on the lower right hand side of the page.  It takes no time at all to do.  And I really don't want Teddy to lose out to a New York Jet, of all people.  So do your duty as a Dolphin fan and cast your vote!!

Has anyone else noticed yet that the Patriots are 22 point favorites for their Sunday night game against the Eagles next week?  That's right, I said 22 points!!  This is the largest point spread I can remember ever seeing for an NFL game.  Simply crazy!  Consider this: the Dolphins were 10 point dogs against the Eagles; the Patirots are 22 point favorites over the Eagles.  Does this mean that there's a realistic chance of the Dolphins beeing 30 point underdogs on December 23 when the Fins go up to New England?  How completely ridiculous would that be?