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The Aftermath...

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As we do every Monday night/Tuesday morning, let's check out what people are talking about in reference to our Dolphins. As expected, much of the talk is of our new quarterback. Let's get into it:

We'll start out by checking in with Armando Salguero. Salguero says that John Beck's debut was shaky, but that was to be expected. More importantly, he uses his head and says that all of these mistakes should be forgotten because it was his first game:

Beck looked like he belonged with his teammates. He is a young quarterback on a young team, and both are struggling. Those elaborate blitzes Eagles defensive coordinator Jimmie Johnson promises every quarterback every week?

They came Sunday as surely as it was cold. And Beck struggled to recognize some of them.

"There were times we had to throw hot and didn't," veteran receiver Marty Booker said. "But you just come off [the field] and say your peace. You say, `Watch this and watch that,' and hope we come back to it."

"Sometimes we don't come back to it or whatever and it kind of looks bad, but that's how it is."

There also were times Beck, rushed in the pocket, let the pressure affect his passes. That poise needed to recognize the exact moment when to throw a pass must come with experience.

"I do know there were a few times I was trying to get rid of the ball and get the ball out to my guy maybe a little quicker than I needed to," Beck said. "I could have been more relaxed with the throw."

But those sins are washed away by the fact this was Beck's first game.

In the fourth quarter, Beck had his best set of downs when he completed 3 of 4 passes for 45 yards to help drive the Dolphins to the Eagles' 1-yard line. The drive faltered from there, but it still spoke well of Beck's potential.

It was an encouraging time for a team that has had little to be encouraged about this season. It was the start of something.

Armando is right in his assessment, in my opinion. Beck did rush some throws when he didn't need to. But that's to be expected as a rookie facing a defense like Philly's. What more important is that John knew that after the game. That's the sign of somebody who will get better. He's recognizing where he needs to improve. The one thing about John is that he's a perfectionist. Nobody will ever out-prepare him, and that's going to go a long way towards John becoming the quarterback that I think he will become.

Armando also talks about that fourth quarter drive that, despite getting to the 1 yard line, resulted in no points. But the fact that we didn't score is not what I want to talk about. Instead, I want to talk about the fact that a rookie QB making his NFL debut led his team in the 4th quarter on a drive that should have produced points against a complex and aggressive defense. That's the kind of poise and grit that I'm looking for in my QB. Some BYU fans have e-mailed me prior to Sunday's game and told me that Beck shines in the 4th quarter. They called him "Mr. 4th Quarter." Well, so far, I like what I'm seeing. In Sunday's 4th quarter, John was 4 for 6 for 47 yards. Only problem was the Dolphins only ran 11 plays in the entire quarter. But still, "Mr. 4th Quarter" could well be on his way!

Edgar Thompson had a good article in the Palm Bech Post about what some of the veteran players thought about Beck's performance. Here's what some of them said:

"It didn't seem too big for him," Cameron said of his rookie's demeanor.
"I don't want to say he did good, but he did some things well that I saw," said right tackle L.J. Shelton, who has played for three teams in his nine years. "It's something to build on."
"He was super-poised, like a vet," running back Jesse Chatman said. "It was very surprising for a rookie quarterback to be that way. I saw a leader."
"He'll learn," Peelle said. "He's going to be all right. He has to get that experience. He is a rookie. It will take some time."

First of all, the best quote is definitely Chatman's. Why? Because the best compliment a rookie QB can get after his first game experience is to be called "super-poised" and "a leader." I'd be interested in hearing what others in the huddle thought of Beck's leadership, but Chatman's words are certainly some high praise. It's been a long time since this offense had a quarterback who was also a leader on the field. If John is already beginning to get the "L" word thrown his way, that's truely a great sign.

Also in Edgar's article, L.J. Shelton talks about one of the smartest things John did on Sunday. When the offense got to the one yard line in the 4th quarter, John signaled for the no-huddle offense, forcing the Eagles to use a time out.

"I told him that was a good job. That was smart," Shelton said. "Had we scored and it was a close game and they needed a timeout, that would have worked out."

Pretty savvy for a rookie. I like what I see!

You might have noticed that at the end of Ted Ginn's punt return for a touchdown, he turned his head around and was looking back. Was he looking at the defenders? Was he saying something to them? Here's how Teddy responded when asked what he said when he turned his head around:

"Nothing. I was just looking back for a flag, because that's what I'm accustomed to."

Not this time, Teddy! This time, it counts! Congrats...and here's to many, m