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E-Mail Time: John Beck

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I got an e-mail from "James F," who happens to be a BYU fan.  He's seen John play much more than most of us have.  So I wanted to share what he had to tell me about John.  Here's what he had to say:

Expect coolness under pressure, a completed pass in the seam as he is going down backwards in a potential sack,  A Scramble out of the pocket for that fourth and fifth look.  A lot of action out in the flat, over the middle 12 yards out type of stuff, using the backs as receivers out of the back field and then when you least expect it, Bang....45 yards down the side line over the shoulder to Ginn Jr. for a comeback win against the Eagles. An in your face, you could have drafted me, sort of thing to Andy Reid, also a fellow Mormon.  Bang, Bang, Bang, then Cam's investment pays off as the future arrives in Miami.

I expect he may be a little tight out of the gate, maybe a fumble, or a pic, (hopefully not) as he is getting his game legs.  But Beck is Mr. Fourth Quarter, the blood starts to pump when the game is on the line.  And he is as cool as they come under pressure...He did that so many times at BYU.  You may have noticed with his smoothness, how easy he makes it look, although it is not.

He's certainly optimistic.  And at 0-9, I'll take some optimism any way I can get it.

And speaking of optimism, Armando Salguero, in his latest blog entry, tells us that the meetin between Cam and Ricky Williams went well today:

The much-anticipated meeting between Cam Cameron and Ricky Williams apparently went off without a hitch this morning and the running back has been told he can begin practicing and will be used in games this season. As long as he passes his physical and other tests. The results to those are not back yet.

Williams will not practice today. The session began this afternoon and he was watching from the player lounge. He can begin practicing no later than Monday. He is able to play starting the Nov. 26 game at Pittsburgh and the Dolphins apparently have plans to use him as early as then.

That's also some good news.  No better way to get his trade value a bit higher than by actually letting the man play.  We'll talk more about Ricky next week, since he can't play until the Monday nighter in Pittsburgh.

**UPDATE**: In his press conference today, Cam Cameron has declared that Ricky Williams if officially a Miami Dolphin. He will be added to the 53 man roster, which I'd assume will be done following Sunday's game. Congrats to Ricky. Hopefully he has turned the corner in his "new" life! He's a good man and I wish him the best.

Also, Ricky spoke to the media today for a little over 5 minutes. To see this press conference, head over to