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Confirmed: Let the John Beck era begin!!

Well we know have heard it straight from the horses mouth: John Beck will be starting on Sunday against the Eagles.  I'm sure most of you waited to celebrate until it was official, and it now is.  Cam Cameron has confirmed John will start.  Cam said that "John has made tremendous progress in the last month" and that "John gives us the chance to win the football game."  Cam told his final decision to both players this morning.  Also, practice reps have been adjusted so that Beck is getting about 80% of the snaps rather than thr 50/50 split.  When asked what will be asked of Beck, Cam said "Number one: take care of the football."  He then went on to say that he will just ask John to "play the best football he can play."

Cam was asked at one point about when he decided to start John.  Cam replied by saying, "You just sense a guy growing.  You've been there and seen it sense when he's getting that command."  Cam continued on to say that he "was leaning this direction since the [Buffalo] game was over."  Cam was also asked about how much of the offense Beck will be prepared to run.  Cam said, "There's nothing mentally that you would have to scale back for John Beck."  In fact, John will have the ability to even make audibles at the line of scrimmage.  When asked if the offense can do things with John that they couldn't do with Cleo Lemon, Cam simply replied, "I think we'll find out."  Could that mean some more deep balls?  I certainly hope so.

One interesting thing that was discussed towards the end was the last time we saw Beck take a snap in a game, it was the New Orleans game back in the preseason.  John didn't look especially sharp in that game.  But Cam quickly defended his quarterback, saying that he's grown a lot since then and brought up the fact that most of the players John was out there with are no longer with the team.  

As for the Ricky Willians situation, Cam didn't exactly say much, which was to be expected. He did tell us that he and Ricky will meet for the first time tomorrow. Cam brought up the fact that he feels it's important to do this meeting face to face and "look each other in the eye." I would definitely agree with that. Cam made the point that Ricky doesn't know anything of his or the team's philosophy. I know it sounds lame to us, but to coaches, that's a big deal. Cam said, "I want to see where he is and let him know where we're headed." Man, I wish I could be in on this conversation. I'd love to know where we're headed as well!!

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And as always, your thoughts below on this eventful Wednesday afternoon...