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Wedesday Morning Updates: John Beck and Ricky Williams

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Wow!  What a Wednesday, huh?  I've just now been able to get to a computer to make a post about these two things, so sorry for the delay.  Great job by you guys making diaries on these hot topics. Also, a big thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about either the Beck or Ricky news. I really do appreciate it! Just to recap, here's what is currently going on in Dolphinland:

This story keeps changing way too much.  First, the Palm Beach Post said Cleo Lemon would start.  Then Alex Marvez of FOX Sports claimed Cam was still undecided.  Now, the Miami Herald is reporting that John Beck will start on Sunday.  And just now, ESPN is also reporting that Beck will be named starter today.  According to ESPN's report, a "person familiar" with the conversation has told the AP that Cam sat down with both QBs and told them his decision.  But at this point, don't get your hopes up too much.  Let's wait until Cam's press conference this afternoon.

**UPDATE**: Thanks to "LeftCoastFinsFan" for finding this article. It's from the Palm Beach Post and it also says Beck will start on Sunday. So they've gone back on their original report from Tuesday. In this article, it's said that Lemon left the original meeting with Cam with the impression that he would start. However, Cam later called him and told him that he would need more time to make a decision. Then Cam told Lemon earlier today, according to this report, that Beck would handle all the first-team snaps this week.[end update]

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that the NFL has reinstated RB Ricky Williams after an 18-month long suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy.  This report claims the Dolphins have been notified.  However, it is not known what the Dolphins plan to do with Ricky.  One thing is for sure, though.  They must act quickly because he will count against the active roster.

Correction: Thanks to "PhinPhan in MA" for pointing this out because I missed this little bit of info. It's being reported that the Dolphins will have a 2 week roster exemption on Ricky, meaning he will NOT count agains the active roster for 2 weeks, giving the Dolphins time to evaluate him and come to a decision on what to do.

One thing is certain about all this: Cam's press conference today will be one to definitely not miss.  And thanks to, we won't have to.  They will air the press conference live.  On Monday, reported that the press conference is likely to begin around 3:15.  

And as I said, be sure to head back here to The Phinsider, as I will post a separate thread with thoughts on the press conference and then leave it open to you all so I can hear your reactions to whatever it is Cam says.

An exciting day ahead!!!