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Breaking Down the Passing Game: Week 10 Edition

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Well as I posted earlier, it's expected (according to sources) that Cleo Lemon will be the starting QB on Sunday.  Remember that later today around 3:15 eastern time, Cam Cameron will be giving his Wednesday press conference which will be shown live on  On Monday, you'll remember that Cam said he'll be updating us on the QB situation during his Wednesday press conference.  So we will see if this "source" is reliable.  Be sure to check back here immediately following the press conference, as I will be posting a thread with reaction from whatever info it is Cam tells us.  I'll be very interested in getting all of your thoughts on it as well.  Until then, let's take a look at the passing game on Sunday.

As we've all talked about a lot, Cleo Lemon checked down an insane amount of times to the backs or threw very short underneath passes to the tight ends.  In all, 14 of his 29 pass attempts were to a back or tight end.  That's a whopping 48% of his passes!  However, when making these passes, Cleo did complete 11 of them (78.5%).  Problem is, they weren't for many yards.  Sure it looks efficient, but is it productive?  No, it isn't.  And there in lies the problem.  The idea that Cleo may have been playing it safe because his job may be on the line is an interesting theory that I've been hearing.  We'll never know if that was the case, but it sure doesn't seem impossible.  One other negative that we saw on Sunday was Marty Booker's poor performance.  I believe he was credited with 3 drops, but what's even worse is how he was targeted 10 times and made just 2 catches.  Quite the disappointing performance out of the former pro bowler.

Total Targets
Here's how the targeting breaks down through 9 games:

Chris Chambers: 66 targets (22%)
Marty Booker: 63 targets (21%)
Ronnie Brown: 46 targets (15%)
Justin Peelle: 27 targets (9%)
David Martin: 25 targets (8%)
Jesse Chatman: 23 targets (8%)
Derek Hagan: 23 targets (8%)
Ted Ginn: 20 targets (7%)
3 others (combined): 7 targets (2%)

Lemon's Targets
Here's how Cleo Lemon's targeting breaks down.  Hopefully this is the last time I'll be doing his targeting.  Unfortunately, reports are implying otherwise.  Regardless, here's the breakdown:

Marty Booker: 36 targets (22%)
Chris Chambers: 22 targets (13%)
Ronnie Brown: 22 targets (13%)
Justin Peelle: 19 targets (12%)
Ted Ginn: 17 targets (10%)
Derek Hagan: 17 targets (10%)
David Martin: 14 targets (9%)
Jesse Chatman: 12 targets (7%)
3 others (combined): 5 targets (4%)

Receiver Success
Here are the updated figures for each receivers catch percentage:

Jesse Chatman: 83%
David Martin: 76%
Justin Peelle: 70%
Derek Hagan: 61%
Marty Booker: 44%
Ted Ginn: 40%

I left out the injured Ronnie Brown (as his % won't be changing) and the backs or tight ends who have fewer than 5 catches, as their % is not relevant due to their lack of targets.

Chris Chambers San Diego Update
Like I said, I plan on keeping tabs on Chambers' success rate, as he remains one of my favorite players (and I'm sure I'm not the only one).

Targeted: 23%
Catch percentage: 50%

I'd be lying if I didn't say I thought his catch percentage would be higher than that in SD, but it's still higher than it was in Miami (which was 47%).

Your thoughts below and don't forget about the press conference at 3:15.  Then be sure to check back here for a separate thread on the presser and to give us your thoughts on what Cam says.