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Source: Lemon to start Sunday

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A source close to the Dolphins has told the Palm Beach Post that Cam Cameron is expected to stick with QB Cleo Lemon as the team's starting quarterback on Sunday in Philadelphia.  According to this source, though, Cam plans to use John Beck if the Dolphins, and Lemon in particular, continue to struggle.  This source also tells the Post that Cam met with his quarterbacks today and made it clear to them that Beck is "eventually" going to start.

In my opinion, this absolutely sucks.  It's a bad move and doesn't serve any purpose.  What good does Cleo Lemon starting do?  What the hell is the point?  I really don't get it.  The article in the Post says that a possible starting point for Beck is December 2 against the Jets in Miami.  That means we may very well have to sit through 2 more terrible Cleo Lemon performances before Beck is able to get his feet wet and gain some real experience.  This would be a very stupid move, to say the least.  I'm still holding out hope that Cam changes his mind before tomorrow's press conference or that this "source" is way off, but that isn't likely.  

Man does this really f*ckin' blow!

**UPDATE**: Not so fast, guys! FOX Sports' Alex Marvez is reporting that Cam is still undecided about his starter for Sunday. In his story, Marvez writes that Cameron will wait until Wednesday before telling either Cleo Lemon or John Beck who will start against the Eagles. This directly contradicts the Post's report that claimed Cam had already told the QBs his decision for Sunday. So whose report is more accurate? I have no idea. But Marvez, if you remember, was the Dolphins beat reporter for the Sun-Sentinel. So he could very well still have connections. If I had to guess, I'd say the Post's story is probably more likely. But that could just be the pessimist in me talking. I guess we'll have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to know what Cam's decision really is.