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Update on QB situation coming on Wednesday

And let the waiting game begin yet again...

Immediately following the game yesterday, Cam Cameron, when asked about a potential QB change, said, "If I feel like a change needs to be made, then we'll make it. But I think we would all agree that Cleo did some awfully good things and gave us a chance to win that game."  Ok, Ok, everyone hold back your laughter about Cleo doing some "awfully good things," as that's not the purpose of this post.  However, I will say Cam was almost accurate there.  He just needed to get rid of "good" and change "awfully" to it's root word.  Saying Cleo did some "awful things" would have been much more accurate.  But I digress.

In today's "day-after" press conference, Cam again was asked about a potential change at the QB position.  Cam said that the coaching staff had reviewed the film and would do so again this evening.  He said that he talked with both the quarterbacks and informed us that they both will be back in tomorrow.  Cam then finished by saying he would provide an update on the QB situation on Wednesday, as no decision has been made yet.

I'll tell you one thing, though.  Cam better not be toying with us again.  Now I'm not saying that if John Beck isn't declared the starter, then Cam was "toying" with us, though I'd be really friggin pissed.  What I am saying is that on Wednesday, Cam better have a real update for us.  If he names Beck the starter, that'd be freakin' sweet.  But if he names Cleo the starter, then he better provide us with some reasons.  He better tell us REAL reasons why John isn't starting yet.  He better not just tell us that when they reviewed the tape, Cleo did some "good things" and that's why he's getting another shot to start.  If Cam does that, expect the "fire Cam" bandwagon to be absolutely packed.  Instead, I hope Cam tells us something substantial.  He has nothing to lose by being brutally honest with the media and fans at this point.  If John hasn't played well enough in practice, then tell us.  If John isn't comfortable in the offense, then tell us.  And if no decision has been made by Wednesday, that's fine too.  But then Cam better give us some good information about how the reps are being split and how the two QBs have been practicing.  I'm sick and tired of playing the waiting game only to get the same old "coach speak" that we always get.  Enough is enough.

Oh, and fyi: Because of the update on the QB situation, will be airing the press conference live on the site rather than taping it and making it public later on in the afternoon.  Look for the press conference to begin around 3:15 eastern time.

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