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More on potential QB change

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John Beck has the first 4 day weekend of his young career coming up this weekend. What's he going to be doing? He says he'll be spending it with his laptop and a bunch of videos. What videos? They are videos of Buffalo's defense. That's right, Beck knows his time may be coming and he is preparing. Here are some of his quotes:

"I'm definitely going to try to study and prepare myself."
(On if he's ready)
"It's tough to say, because I am a rookie. That's why I put it into the hands of people who have been doing this a lot longer than I have. Coach has been around this a lot."
(On his wife's help)
"She has been great to help me out. I'll be standing in my house and she'll call out a play, and I'll go through all the things I know about that play. It's great to have somebody like her who is so supportive of me. She never complains. I can say, `Hey, babe, we've got to spend the next hour getting me ready.' She says, `OK, what do you need me to do?'"

And here is some of what Cam Cam has been saying:

"You're always looking for ways to get better. The quarterback position is no different."
"When you put a quarterback out there, he has to earn the right to start and lead the team. We still have half a season to go. We're going to play the guy who gives us the best chance to win each week."

I'm really not too sure what to make of Cam's comments. One would lead me to believe he is just making sure it looks as if John won the QB job rather than just handing it to him. Remember, PFT said (in the article posted by jwillis in the diaries section) that there's belief that Wayne Huizenga is putting pressure on Cam and the coaching staff to start Beck as soon as possible. So perhaps Cam has already decided he wants to start John but wants the media, and John himself, to understand that he'll have earned it rather than being entitled to the starting spot. The ironic thing here, of course, is that Cam just handed the starting job to Trent Green back when he was traded for. So I guess Cam wants to have it both ways this year. But you know what? As long as Beck starts on November 11, I could care less about Cam's "double-talk," so to speak.

Oh, be sure to vote in a our new poll to the right about who you THINK (not want, but think) will start against Buffalo.

Let the Beck era begin!!!