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Breaking Down the Passing Game: Week 5 Edition

Time again to take a look at the passing attack of the Dolphins and see who's being targeted and how successful that receiver has been.

This week was more interesting than in the past because of Cleo Lemon.  Nobody knew what to expect from him when he entered.  As it turns out, his go-to receiver was Marty Booker, who was targeted 9 times by Lemon (10 times for the was by Green).  Chris Chambers, on the other hand, was targeted just 4 times, which comes out to just 15% of Cleo's passes.  That figure is less than half of the number percentage of throws he saw from Trent Green, which was around 32%.  As it stands now, Chambers' 48 targets on the season rank him 4th among all receivers in the NFL.  Unfortunately for him, the presence of Lemon likely will mean fewer targets.  But it also might mean more looks for Ted Ginn, as he matched his season total on Sunday getting targeted 3 times by Lemon.  One theory on that is that Green didn't have the arm strength to go down the field for Ginn so the Dolphins covered it up by rarely using Ginn.  Perhaps we'll see more of our speedy #1 pick in the weeks that come.

Total Targets
Here's how the targeting breaks down through the first 5 games of the season, regardless of the QB:

Chris Chambers: 48 targets (29%)
Marty Booker: 36 targets (22%)
Ronnie Brown: 29 targets (18%)
David Martin: 14 targets (9%)
Jesse Chatman: 11 targets (7%)
Justin Peelle: 11 targets (7%)
Ted Ginn: 6 targets (4%)
Derek Hagan: 6 targets (4%)
Reagan Mauia: 2 targets (1%)

Lemon's Targets
This will be a new part of this breakdown, at least until John Beck replaces him, so we can see who Cleo Lemon looks to the most:

Marty Booker: 9 targets (33%)
Ronnie Brown: 5 targets (19%)
Chris Chambers: 4 targets (15%)
Ted Ginn: 3 targets (11%)
David Martin: 3 targets (11%)
Justin Peelle: 3 targets (11%)

Receiver Success
And as always, here are the catch percentages of each Dolphins' receiver:

Jesse Chatman: 91%
Ronnie Brown: 86%
David Martin: 64%
Justin Peelle: 64%
Chris Chambers: 52%
Marty Booker: 50%
Reagan Mauia: 50%
Derek Hagan: 50%
Ted Ginn: 33%

Thoughts below...