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Some more thoughts...

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Cam admits mistake
No, it's not what you're all thinking.  Cam didn't concede he made a mistake when he decided to punt with under 2 minutes left.  And like I've said earlier, I don't think it was a mistake, either.  In fact, that decision worked out perfectly, pinning the Texans back at their own 3 yard line with 1:33 left to play.  It was the defense that let this team down and made Cam look bad.  If the Dolphins prevent Houston from scoring and go to overtime, Cam's decision to punt is not as criticized as it has been by the fans.

What Cam did admit was a mistake was his playcalling on the two plays prior to the punt (2nd & 9 and 3rd & 9).  This is exactly what many of us have said as well.  I think it would have been a much better idea to hand it to Ronnie two times and see if he could make something happen.  Perhaps Ronnie does break a 7 yard run on one of those.  Or maybe he picks up 5 yards on those 2 carries.  That would have still made the field goal attempt manageable.  At the very least, it chews up some more time or gets Houston to waste their remaining time out, making it that much harder to the Texans to get into field goal position (though Kris Brown might have been able to kick one from 70 he was so good on Sunday).

But here's what you take away from this.  Cam knows he made a mistake, which is a good thing.  Remember that he is a rookie head coach, so this is as much a learning experience for him as it is for the rookie players.  Sure, he's been a play caller before (an a damn good one), but never had to worry about clock management or anything like that.  If anything, Cam was thinking more like an agressive offensive coordinator than a head coach.  Chalk these 2 mistakes up to the learning curve and let's move on.  Fact of the matter is these 2 plays are NOT the reason the Dolphins lost.

New Quarterbacks
So following the Trent Green injury, the Dolphins only have 2 healthy quarterbacks on the roster.  So where will the 3rd one come from?  Some people mentioned Gibran Hamdan.  But he's a member of Buffalo's practice squad.  In fact, he was the guy the Bills used to emulate Tony Romo in practice this past week as Buffalo prepared for Romo and the Cowboys.

Then you got those people who asre thinking big...too big.  These people think that the Dolphins might bring in Aaron Brooks, who has past connections with GM Randy Mueller.  Some people think the Dolphins will try to get Drew Brees because of his relationship with Cam.  Others think that perhaps the Dolphins will trade for Andrew Walter or Chad Pennington.  I've even read on another site that the Dolphins may try and trade for...ugh...JP Losman once he is healthy.  To all this, I say, "Get real, people!"

The Dolphins aren't going out and signing or trading for any "big name" quarterback.  Alright people?  It's not happening, nor should it.  This team clearly isn't going anywhere this year so there's no need to go out and get a starter.  It's a stupid idea, to be honest.  Cleo Lemon will be this team's starter until John Beck is ready to get his feet wet in the NFL.  That's the bottom line.  I'm sure a backup will be signed, as carrying 2 QBs is fairly rare.  But don't expect to see a household name come to Miami because it isn't happening.

Draft talk
Oh yes, at 0-5, it's time to start at least considering the draft.  There's a very real chance the Dolphins have a top 5 pick.  With that said, I really got an issue with what I've been reading from some people.  I don't understand why some people are insisting the Dolphins take Darren McFadden or Brian Brohm.  McFadden will surely be a very good player in this league.  But might I remind some of you about our very talented running back who happens to lead the NFL in yards from scrimmage, and does so by over 100 yards.  Remember him?  He's pretty damn good if you ask me.  And I think the best is still yet to come for Ronnie.  

As far as Brohm goes, here's my first gripe.  I actually read on a Dolphins message board that the Dolphins need to draft a franchise QB in the first round in 2008.  Really?  Last time I checked, our franchise QB is already on the roster.  His name is John Beck and he's going to be a really good one.  Just give him some time.  He hasn't even made his NFL debut (regular season, that is) and people are already forgetting about him.  He's got all the phyiscal tools, can make every throw, and has a great head on his shoulders.  I don't know about any of you, but everythime I hear the kid talk, I just get a feeling that he's headed to greatness.  Brian Brohm, on the other hand, is overrated.  He's very fragile mentally.  As a Big East fan, I've seen him struggle in key spots.  He isn't comfortable when there's traffic by his feet.  He can't move out of the pocket.  Basically, he reminds me of Drew Bledsoe.  Is that kind of player worthy of a top 10 pick in general by any team?  I'd say no.

What should the Dolphins do?  It's still early, but I'd lean towards a franchise tackle (Jake Long) or help on defense.  Some early possibilities might be DT Glenn Dorsey or S Kenny Phillips.  Right now, I personally am a fan of Phillips, as this team hasn't had a truely great impact safety in years.  But my opinion could change, as it often does.

And as always, your thoughts below...