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QB Update: Green suffers most severe concussion; Lemon to start

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Not surprisingly, Cam Cameron said today that Cleo Lemon will start for the Dolphins on Sunday.  This was pretty much expected considering Cleo beat out John Beck in camp and has been listed as the team's #2 QB while Beck has been running the scout team offense.  Trent Green, it was announced today, suffered a Grade 3 concussion, the most severe kind.  Right now, no timetable has been announced for Green's return.  It's expected he'll miss several weeks before ever being medically cleared to play.

So where does that leave Beck?  He'll be the primary backup, meaning he'll be splitting reps in practice with Lemon for the next several weeks.  Then the question that every Dolphins fan is wondering is when Beck will get his turn to start.  When will Dolphin fans get their first glimpse of their future quarterback?  Armando Salguero thinks it might be following their week 9 bye:

So the calendar begs, no demands, that Cleo Lemon take over for an injured Green. Let him start at Cleveland. Let him face the undefeated Patriots and the Giants in London.

When that stretch is through then Cameron can revisit the situation. Then, perhaps, Beck will be ready to go after having three weeks of work as the backup.

Then it might be time to play John Beck.

I suppose I agree with this line of thinking.  Considering he's been with the scout team for the past month or so, Beck clearly needs this practice experience as the primary backup before he gets thrown into the fire.  But this line of thinking means Beck would make his debut at home against Buffalo before heading to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, a very tough stretch for sure.  Do you guys think this is the best way to handle the situation?

Your thoughts below...