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Breaking Down the Passing Game: Week 8 Edition

This past game, it was obvious that Cleo Lemon either was instructed to not take too many chances or simply chose not to.  I say this because 55% of his 29 passes (he had 30, but one was intentional grounding) were to tight ends or backs out ofthe backfield.  For the first time this year, a tight end was the favorite target, as Justin Peelle saw 8 targets.  For the first time, Derek Hagan led the receivers in targets, being thrown to 7 times.  Meanwhile, Ted Ginn only saw 2 looks, one of which was the pass which fell short when Ginn had about 4 or 5 yards in the defender.  

Total Targets
Here's how the targeting breaks down exactly halfway through the season:

Chris Chambers: 66 targets (24%)
Marty Booker: 53 targets (20%)
Ronnie Brown: 46 targets (17%)
Justin Peelle: 24 targets (9%)
Derek Hagan: 21 targets (8%)
David Martin: 20 targets (7%)
Ted Ginn: 17 targets (6%)
Jesse Chatman: 17 targets (6%)
Patrick Cobbs: 3 targets (1%)
Reagan Mauia: 3 targets (1%)
Aaron Halterman: 1 target (>1%)

Lemon's Targets
Hopefully this is the last time I'll be doing Cleo's total targets and next time around we'll be breaking down John Beck's targeting.  For now, here you go:

Marty Booker: 26 targets (19%)
Chris Chambers: 22 targets (16%)
Ronnie Brown: 22 targets (16%)
Justin Peelle: 16 targets (12%)
Derek Hagan: 15 targets (11%)
Ted Ginn: 14 targets (10%)
David Martin: 9 targets (7%)
Jesse Chatman: 6 targets (4%)
Patrick Cobbs: 3 targets (2%)
Reagan Mauia: 1 target (1%)
Aaron Halterman: 1 target (1%)

Receiver Success
And as always, here are the updated catch percentages for Dolphin players:

Ronnie Brown: 85%
Jesse Chatman: 82%
David Martin: 75%
Justin Peelle: 71%
Reagan Mauia: 67%
Derek Hagan: 57%
Marty Booker: 49%
Ted Ginn: 41%
Patrick Cobbs: 33%

Chambers Update in SD
As I promised I'd do, here is Chris Chambers' breakdown one game into his San Diego career:

Targeted: 45%
Catch percentage: 40%

As always, your thoughts below...