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Eric Mangini is a turd

Imagine this:

Ronnie Brown suffers a knee injury (I suppose that'll be easy to imagine).  However, we don't know what the injury is or even what knee it is to.  Two days later on a local radio station, Ronnie then says he isn't injured.  The next day, he gets placed on Injured Reserve.  Why?  We still don't know.  Brown then goes back on the same radio program a week later.  They ask him what his injury is and Ronnie tells them to "use their imagination."  They ask him which knww it is and he tells them they "have a 50/50 chance of guessing."  One of the hosts then says he thinks it's the right knee.  Ronnie responds by saying that "it could be, but if it isn't, then it's the other."  

Luckily, we don't have to worry about this ever happening.  But that situation above was exactly what played out in New York and with Jonathan Vilma because Mangini doesn't allow his players to talk about injuries.  It was almost pathetic to listen to this interview.  What an absolute turd Eric Mangini is for making his players have to go through this and come off sounding like jackasses.  And I can't even imagine being a fan of a team where I can't know what is wrong with my favorite players.  Seriously, Eric, is there any reason why the media and fans can't know what is wrong with Vilma?  He's on the IR so it's not like you're giving away any secrets that will benefit opponents.

I really don't get it.  

Oh, and by the way, Mangini's team is 1-7.  If anyone should be fired, it's him.  He has the same team as last year (if not, even better with the additions of Thomas Jones and Darrelle Revis), yet his team is playing like absolute crap.  Their only win was a 3 point win over, of course, our Dolphins.  Yet everybody continues to call him "Mangenius," which has to be the worst nickname ever.  

I bring all this up because I want to point out how things could be worse.  In all honesty, I'd much rather have Cam Cam than the "Mangina," or whatever his name is.