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The Aftermath...

As we often do here, it's time to go around and check out what some other people are saying following the Dolphins latest loss.  There are some hot topics in Dolphin land despite the 0-8 record, so let's get right to it.

Former Dolphin tight end and current Dolphins radio commentator Jim Mandich believes, like many, that now is the time to make the awaited switch to John Beck.  Here's what he says:

"I think you saw today the changing of the guard at the quarterback position. Not that Cleo [Lemon] was awful. Look at [Eli] Manning and his numbers were equivalent so it had a lot to do with the conditions, but let's bring on the kid and see what he can do. Besides flying a long way to ... go back 0-8, the story of the day was this -- it's John Beck's position and team, and his job to lose."

I love it, absolutely love it!  Allow me to stress the last part of Mandich's quote: "It's John Beck's position and team."  Now that right there is exciting.  Why?  Obviously, his physical talent and his growth will be fun to watch.  But there's more to John than that.  I'm excited to see his leadership.  For the first time since Dan Marino, the Dolphins will have a true leader as the quarterback.  This will be "his team," at least on offense, which makes it all the more exciting!  Let's just hope Cam feels the same way and makes John the starter beginning on November 11.

Let's stay on the "start Beck parade," shall we?  The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero also thinks that it should now be time for John Beck to make his NFL debut. Here's some of what he says in his article:

The next time Miami plays, following next weekend's bye, will be Nov. 11 against Buffalo at home. And in that real home game, one played at Dolphin Stadium, reason begs that Beck start for the Dolphins.

Not starting him borders on coaching malpractice.

"We're all being evaluated and that will be something that wouldn't be any different than any other position," coach Cam Cameron said when asked why not start Beck next game out. "We're going to evaluate all our positions."

Cameron should evaluate all he wants as long as that evaluation leads to starting Beck. The entire world knows the time has come for Beck to start, as the reporter who asked Cameron the question is from Germany.

Memo to Cam:  you may want to think about starting John Beck.  Why?  Well when even the Germans are talking about it, you know now might be the time for the change.  However, Armando also points out in his article that Beck has not gotten any indications that his time is approaching.  He's been getting the same amount of reps that Cleo Lemon got while he was Trent Green's backup.  That's not too encouraging.  Anyone else got that feeling that we might have to sit through more Cleo Lemon starts in 2007?

Mike Florio, of ProFootballTalk fame, also writes once a week for The Sporting News.  In his latest article, Florio talks briefly about the Dolphins and how owner Wayne Huizenga should make no change after he concludes his "internal study" following the season:

How about something radical, like making no changes?

I'm not saying general manager Randy Mueller and/or coach Cam Cameron will be putting their prints on the Lombardi Trophy within the next few years, but the same impatience that has infected the team's quest for the next Dan Marino has plagued its ability to establish any continuity from year to year. If Huizenga fires Mueller and/or Cameron in January, the owner would have to overpay someone else to try to fix things quickly.

Every time Huizenga has tried to make a big splash, he has ended up all wet.

So Huizenga should learn from the past and give the organization a chance to develop. A hot commodity like Bill Parcells or Bill Cowher or Bill Clinton (OK, so he's not a football guy, but I needed a third "Bill") will be available every year. Huizenga needs to resist the kavorka of the household name and give the guy he already has hired a chance to become one. Even if that guy eventually doesn't.

Florio really echoes how I feel about this.  There's no need to go out and make more changes after this season.  Cam's made progress on offense and Randy's first draft has been a success, at least early on.  Cam and Randy also work very well together.  Why bring in someone new at GM (like Parcells) who will be a total control freak?  Can the Dolphins' facilities even accomodate the Big Tuna's big head?  I don't think the doorways are wide enough if you ask me.  Most importantly though is the fact that another change means another wasted season as the new GM and/or head coach spend that first season bringing in "their personnel."  Why go through that again when we are going through it now?  Let's give Cam and Randy some time, like at least 2 more years, and then see where we are.  Like Florio points out, there will always be a "hot commodity" to obtain for head coach or GM each offseason.  No need to rush into yet another change.  Let's build off this past draft and see what these 2 can do together.