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Source: John Beck to start following bye week

Well it seems that we all may be getting our wish. Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Dolphins are likely to start rookie John Beck on November 11 at home against Buffalo. The Dolphins have a bye following tomorrow's game in London against the Giants. Two sources, according to Cole, have said that the Beck "could be the starter" for that game. And like many fans have been saying, the major reason for Beck to start is too begin evaluating him to see of he is indeed the future franchise quarterback that the Dolphins so desperately need. Here's what one "high-ranking member of the organization" told Cole:

"We need to know (about Beck) so we know if we have to take a quarterback with that pick (in next year's draft)."

That's been the thought of many Dolphin fans considering the fact that the Dolphins are likely to have an opportunity, thanks to their putrid record, to draft one of the top QBs in 2008's class come April. Though I think it's unlikely the Dolphins would take a QB with their first round pick in 2008, it is necessary to begin the evaluation process on him. We all shouldn't expect great things from him this year, especially considering he's surrounded by minimal talent, but this will give Cam and Randy a good chance to see if they think he has what it takes to succeed. They can begin to see how he handles himself in real game situations in this league. They will also be able to see how he responds to the rookie struggles he's likely to encounter. That will go a long way to determining if he is going to be the player we all hope he will be.

I, for one, am extremely excited. It gives us all more reason to continue to watch this team week in and week out. November 11 just can't get here soon enough now that I know there's a pretty decent chance at seeing John Beck make his debut!!

Hat tip to "Jody" for e-mailing me Cole's article.

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