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Source: Parcells potential GM candidate for Fins

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Jason Cole, of Yahoo Sports, is reporting that if owner Wayne Huizenga decides to make a change following this season, a possible move could be bringing in Bill Parcells to be the General Manager in 2008.  According to a source close to Parcells:

"It makes a lot of sense that the Dolphins would be a job he'd be very interested in if it came open. But only as the GM. I don't think he'll ever coach again."

Parcells is also a friend of Huizenga's and spends a lot of time down in south Florida throughout the year.  And if you remember earlier in the year, Wayne did say that the team would take part in two "internal self-studies" this year, as he is quite unhappy with how this season has unfolded.  One will take place during the bye week and the other will take place after the conclusion of the season.  However, Wayne did say that the idea of Parcells was "a shock" to him.

Earlier this year, I wrote that I think Parcells is one of the most overrated coaches of all-time.  Sure, he's good.  But he isn't great and certainly is not a top 10 coach of all-time, like many believe he is.  I will say, though, that he is a good talent evaluator and I wouldn't be opposed to having him as the team's GM.  

The thing that bothers me, though, is that I don't think Randy Mueller is getting a fair shake in all this.  If Wayne wants to point the finger, he needs to point it at himself.  This current mess is more his fault than Randy's.  Randy was handed a team that was a complete mess thanks to the people that ran the team before him.  And Wayne has no one to blame for that but himself for hiring some of these clowns (Rick Spielman and Nick Saban to name a few).  Keep in mind that the Dolphins don't have a single player on their roster who was drated by the Dolphins between 1998 and 2003.  These are the players who would be in their "primes" right now if the picks panned out.  Those would be the key members of this team.  But they were all failures.  And now Randy was left to inherit a team that was a complete mess.

In my view, he's dont the best he's could.  I love his first draft and I agree with most of the moves he made in free agency.  He cut a lot of dead weight and, though people point to the Trent Green trade as a mistake, I don't see it that way.  Even though Green can't play anymore and is likely to retire, he asked to remain part of the team this year and to help them any way he could.  Basically, he's referring to the continued mentoring of rookie John Beck.  And I think Beck is going to benefit greatly from Trent.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that though Parcells would certainly be a welcome addition to the front office as the GM, I don't think it's fair to Randy and I think he deserves more time.  And that's especially true if John Beck comes in here and plays well whenever his time comes this year.  That would be further proof that Randy knows what he's doing.

So when evaluations come up, I think it's going to be hard to say Randy has done a "poor" job.  If anything, he should get an "incomplete" and be given some more time.  Bill Parcells would make a good GM, sure.  But what if the guy we have now is just as good, if not better?  We won't know unless we give him time.