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Dolphins Nuggets: Gado signed; Thomas out

A Houston TV station is reporting that the Dolphins have claimed RB Samkon Gado off waivers from the Texans.  Gado, though, will not be traveling to London, as he doesn't have time to get his visa.  He will be joining the team on Monday.  Here's what he said about being claimed by the Fins off waivers:

"It means a lot. In our profession what a player wants to know the most is, does he have value to a team. So being picked up on waivers rather than becoming a free agent is a big deal."

This is an interesting signing.  They now have 4 running backs so it'll be interesting to see who is left inactive for the Dolphins following the bye week.  Is Lorenzo Booker battling this week for an active roster spot on gamedays?  Is Patrick Cobbs going to be the odd man out if he doesn't play well?  Or is Gado himself going to be the guy who is basically the team's 4th back and, barring injury, never sees the field on gamedays?  I suppose this situation will clear up after we see how Cam uses the current 3 backs on Sunday in London.

ProFootballTalk is reporting that, according to a league source, Zach Thomas has not suffered another concussion and that he simply is suffering from whiplash thanks to the post-game car accident last Sunday.  However, the whiplash is reportedly going to be enough to keep Thomas from making the trip to London.  He'll miss Sunday's game but will be ready for their next game, following the bye week, on November 11.  This is certainly bad news for those British fans who were expecting to see Thomas.  They now will be missing out on Trent Green, Ronnie Brown, Chris Chambers, and Zach Thomas.  All of those players were players British fans expected to see when they originally purchased tickets.  That certainly does suck for them.