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Dolphin Nuggets: Zach Thomas hurt; Fins sign 4

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And those who thought things couldn't get any worse were clearly mistaken.  Zach Thomas missed practice on Wednesday and may not even make the trip to London.  This is all due to complications stemming from the post-game car accident Thomas and his wife were in on Sunday.  Cam Cameron says Thomas suffered whiplash, but some are actually hinting that he may have suffered yet another concussion.  Now, that's just speculation at this point.  What is known is that Thomas is in Pittsburgh visitng a specialist.  I guess we'll know more in the coming days.  However, this is certainly some crappy news.

Incase you missed it, the Dolphins have signed 4 players.  Two of them are heading to the practice squad while the other 2 are on the active roster.  Lance Schulters, who we loved by Dolphin fans in 2005, has been signed at safety.  Though he hasn't played at all for any team this year, he will be making the trip to London.  Jeff Darlington had this to say about his signing, which I thought was quite funny:

Although he hasn't played for any teams this year, Schulters, 32, is in solid shape and he has a passport -- the two major prerequisites at this point for a team ailing at the position.

The Dolphins also signed 2007 3rd round pick Quentin Moses.  Moses was drafted 65th overall by the Raiders in April, but disappointed and was cut.  He was then signed by the Cardinals, but that didn't pan out, either.  Moses is a guy who has potential at the defensive end spot.  He's athletic and could get after the QB in college effectively.

The two practice squad players signed were QB Casey Bramlet and TE Buck Ortega.