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Power Rankings Around the Net

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Time to see if the Dolphins have fallen to 32 in every power ranking that we check.  And I'm sure they'll be some interesting comments made in some of these, so let's get to it.

-ESPN: 32

Anybody else feel sorry for British fans who shelled out big bucks to see two NFL teams play a meaningful game in London ... and one of those teams is the league's worst? Maybe they won't know Ronnie Brown is out.

-CBS Sports: 32

It's getting worse by the week. That defense is pathetic, really pathetic. Please go to John Beck. The season is done.

I think we all agree here.  Please, please, please go to John Beck!

-FOX Sports: 32

Tough to find a silver lining in Sunday's effort against the Patriots, especially with the loss of Ronnie Brown for the year with a torn ACL. Miami stinks this year. Now 0-7 for the first time in team history, the Dolphins will trek to London for a European affair with the Giants this weekend. The glass half-full guy will tell you that the trip will do the Dolphins good. The realistic guy will tell you that they're probably coming back with an 0-8 record. I have a feeling the realistic guy knows what he's talking about.

I'd tend to agree here.  But I do think that getting out of south Florida will do this team good.  Maybe they won't win, but they'll be greeted by fans who are just happy to see them in person rather than angry, jaded American Dolphin fans.

-Yahoo! Sports: 31 (Jason Cole) & 31 (Charles Robinson)

Cole: As for the bottom of the league, being 0-7 is as miserable as it gets. Or as Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor said after Miami got hammered by New England, "I could be in Iraq."

Robinson: Forget the Patriots - when do we start talking about the odds that Miami or St. Louis will go 0-16?

You got to love that quote by JT, huh?  That's some positive thinking.  As for Robinson's thoughts, I guess he hasn't been watching ESPN, though I can understand why (man are they obsessed with the Pats), because ESPN is already talking about the possibility of the Dolphins going 0-16.  Could it happen?  Sure.  Will it?  I'd say it's unlikely, but it's getting dangerously close.

-The Sporting News: 31

With Ronnie Brown out for the season, the Dolphins might be desperate enough to welcome back Rick Williams if he gets reinstated.

Rick?  Who the hell calls him Rick?  Anyways, I still doubt the Fins welcome Ricky back.  But it's certainly an option, I suppose. 31

No Ronnie Brown, no chance.

And yet they are still ranked ahead of the Rams in these rankings.  That's a contradiction, isn't it?

-Football Locks: 32

If somebody told you the Dolphins would score 28 points against the Patriots you might think they would cover a 16 point spread... Bottom line is when you give up 42 points in the first half; you're not covering any spread in the NFL... Furthermore, as if Miami's season wasn't over, perhaps the only bright spot, Ronnie Brown, has been lost for the season.

-NFL Report: 32

Cleo Lemon is leading the offense. Their best receiver (Chris Chambers) was traded. The primary weapon (Ronnie Brown) is out for the year with a knee injury. And the Miami defense just gave up 42 first half points to the Patriots in the week seven beating. Life couldn't get much worse for Dolphin fans. Miami ships off to London for a week eight faceoff against the Giants. The Brits will most likely return this Dolphin package to sender.

Not true.  Life could get worse for us Dolphin fans.  But due to the risk of jinxing them, I will not be providing examples of how things could get worse.  Just use your imagination.

-Hashmarks: 31

Average Ranking: 31.5