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The Aftermath...

Well this has been possibly the worst 36 hours I can remember as a Dolphin fan.  We get embarrassed by the hated Patriots, we lose Ronnie Brown to a torn ACL, we lose Renaldo Hill to a torn ACL (the 3rd safety to go down this year), Zach Thomas gets in a car accident (luckily nobody was hurt), and now this team gets to travel to London.  Awesome!

Let's see what others are saying about our favorite floundering fish.

The always pessimistic Armando Salguero tells us that things will get worse.  That's exciting, isn't it?  Let's see what he has to say:

If only we could be confident these Dolphins have reached the bottom, that it could get no worse than the awful state the franchise now is in. And yet each game, each quarter, practically every play brings a new ground floor that, sadly, is not very sturdy and only promises to crumble under further pressure.

Things are bad with these Dolphins now. They are winless. They have no defense. The offense still is searching for its quarterback. And the tough part of the schedule has arrived.

But if you think 49-28 against New England on Sunday was bad, wait until this team falls through the next cracked, creaking level of dreadful.

Wait until that really is Cameron Worrell and Jason Allen as your starting safeties. Wait until the Dolphins lose their confidence. Wait until other teams mock the Dolphins, and worse, they begin mocking themselves.

Wait until the Dolphins realize it is not about play-calling or schemes, but rather this lost, misbegotten season is about them not being good enough.

That time is fast approaching. One can tell because that rock bottom they've already hit is about ready to give again.

Hold up.  The Dolphins haven't lost their confidence yet?  Then kudos to them for sure!  But this article is reassuring, isn't it?  The sad part here is that, for once, Armando isn't being a pessimist.  No no, he's being a realist.  Scary thought, huh?  I'll tell you one thing, though.  I never thought I'd see the day in which ESPN is debating which is more likely: the Pats going 16-0 or the Dolphins going 0-16.  Painful it sure is.

Edwin Pope, of the Miami Herald, seems to think that the best thing for the Dolphins right now might be to get out of the state.  Better yet, out of the country:

Leaving the country is the Dolphins' best idea yet. Not that anyone wants them to stay away, not even the reddest-necked of fans after Sunday's 49-28 hammering by the Patriots. But hitting the road, even in a real big plane, hey, now's the time for the Dolphins.

And the farther, the better.

As in London town, next Sunday.

''We can't win in America'' Jason Taylor said. ``Maybe we can win overseas.''

It will be a change, anyway. Maybe not so much the London air as the New York Giants instead of the Patriots as opponents.

I get the impression you could play these Pats in heaven and it would seem like hell. They are out of the Dolphins' class.

That's the spirit, Jason!!  You know, many people think that the Fins going to London right now probably isn't the best thing for them, but I disagree.  I think Pope is right.  I think that getting out of south Florida and away from people who are jaded and who quickly jump on the Dolphins at the first sign of trouble is probably a good thing.  Now they are headed to London, a place where the fans will just be happy to see them play.  They won't care what their record is or how they are missing some key players.  They will all just be happy to be able to watch a professional football game.  I'm sure that will be a refreshing change for these Dolphin players.

I'll close out this post by posting some of what Cam Cameron said about the state of the team:

(On how bad things are)
"It's not just in football. We're all tested. Someone says, 'Well, what do you say to your team now? How do you approach your team?' The bottom line is you take it day to day. You take it one game at a time, try to get better. You can't go down that other road. Life's a test. The National Football League is a test. Your business is a test. Our business is a test. You find out what you're made of," Cameron added. "It's not something you want to go through, but when you are forced to go through it at any level you better take it one day at a time."

(On the Zach Thomas car accident)
"I was pulling by and my son said, 'Dad, that's Zach.' And I pulled over and saw that he and Maritza, they were fine. I thought I recognized his black truck and thought he had stopped for someone else. When I walked up to Zach, we just both looked at each other and he said, 'Coach, this is kind of the way this day's going.' And that's the way it is."

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