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Confirmed: Ronnie Brown out for season; Torn ACL

**UPDATE #3**: And it's official. In his press conference today, Cam Cameron has confirmed that Ronnie Brown suffered a complete tear of his ACL and will be done for the season. He said that surgery is likely to take place in 7 to 10 days. He will undergo a normal ACL reconstruction, which is known to have a success rate of 90%. Cam said that Brown was surprised at the findings because he was able to walk on it a bit, but was optimistic. Cam said Brown's spirits were up and he's already talking about next year and that he's committed to coming back even stronger. Cam said of Ronnie, "He's an impressive young man."

Cameron went on to talk about how Brown was in the midst of a "special season" and a "pro-bowl season." He told a story about how Pats head coach Bill Belichick, following the conclusion of the game, came over to Cam for the post-game handshake and immediately asked how Ronnie was and said that he wishes Ronnie the best. That's the kind of special player and young man Ronnie is. Hopefully, he can come back just as strong, if not stronger, next year. Best wishes to Ronnie!

Oh, and let's not forget Renaldo Hill, who also suffered a torn ACL and is done for the season. In respect to the safety depth now, Cam said the team is looking at everyone who has played the safety position over the last 50 years. Now that's something to look forward to, isn't it?

**UPDATE #2**: The Palm Beach Post is now reporting that Brown suffered a torn ACL and is, indeed, done for the year. Official confirmation should be coming shortly at Cam's press conference. Meanwhile, his agent has confirmed the news. This sucks so much it isn't even funny.
**UPDATE**: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Brown "might" be out for the rest of the season, saying that the team is yet to confirm the news. The article also says that injury updates are expected from Cam Cameron at his press conference at 3:30, which can be seen at
And this season just got a million times worse.  The Miami Herald is reporting that Ronnie Brown will miss the remainder of the season thanks to the injury he suffered yesterday to his right knee.  This is according to two sources. Also, ESPN has also picked up this story now. However, we don't know what exactly Brown is being diagnosed with. Details will surely follow soon. But it's clear the MRI certainly showed some bad news.

Right now, I don't know what to say. This really ruins the season for me. We were watching this kid grow up before our eyes this year, looking every bit like the star we thought he would be. It's a damm shame, especially considering the injury occured on a play that should have never happened. Damnit, Cleo Lemon!! He just had to make that stupid, stupid pass. I'll tell you one thing: Lemon just lost whatever fans he may have had. I know, you can't blame anyone for injuries. But Brown would not have been put in the position he was in (making a tackle) if not for Cleo throwing that terrible interception. That's all I can say now. I'm just sick to my stomach right now. I'll post more updates on the situation as I hear it.