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Trent Green placed on Injured Reserve; Kerry Reed activated

Well there was a little talk this week, especially in the papers, about how a storm was quiety brewing between the Dolphins and Trent Green.  Green was feeling better and better since his concussion and wanted to play again this season.  Cam Cameron and the Dolphins didn't want Trent to risk any further damage.  Oh, and the Dolphins wanted to get looks at both Cleo Lemon and John Beck this year and Green's return might hinder that.  So how would this end?  We have our answer.  Trent Green was placed on Injured Reserve, ending his 2007 season.  Here's what Cam said in a statement:

"At this point, this is the best thing for Trent and the team. The doctors have prescribed rest for now. No long-term decisions regarding Trent's future have been made."

So will this end Trent's career?  It's too early to tell at this point.  But here's what Green says about the move:

I appreciate the way the organization has handled this. I realize this is in the best interest of my long-term health and I want nothing but the best for the team. Right now I haven't made any decisions about my future, but I talked with the Dolphins about staying involved in some capacity the rest of the season."

You have to love his spirit, if nothing else.  Even though he's possibly done for his career, he is looking to stay involved with the Dolphins for the rest of the season, probably to mentor John Beck.  So for those of you who questioned why we got Green, here's the reason.  I imagine Green is having a very positive impact on Beck.  Do you think Daunte Culpepper would have stuck around to stay involved with the team if thi situation happened to him?  I think not, my friends.  Kudos to Trent Green; a classy person for sure!

The other bit of news is that Kerry Reed was signed from the practice squad to fill the roster spot vacated by Trent.  Reed is the team's 5th receiver on the roster.  It's unlikely he'll see much time this week, but his role could expand if he gets some reps with the starters in practice and plays the way he did in training camp.  Maybe he and Beck will show that chemistry we all read about during camp.  If nothing else, he's another young kid we can all hope grows into a good player over time.  The potential seems to be there with Reed so let's see what this kid has.

Thoughts on these moves below...