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Power Rankings Around the Net

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Alright.  I know we're all still talking about the Chris Chambers trade, and be sure to carry on that conversation in the 2 posts below this one, but I still wanted to take a look at the power rankings.  Can the Dolphins make it a clean sweep at the #32 spot?  We shall find out.

-ESPN: 32

The Dolphins will extend their franchise-record losing streak to 10 games when they host the Patriots on Sunday. The point spread favors the Pats by 17. Doesn't that seem a tad low?

I wouldn't say 17 points seems low.  The Dolphins have played the Pats tough in Miami in recent years, even during their 4-12 season when the Dolphins pulled out a miracle on a Monday nighter in Miami.  I think 17 seems pretty fair to me.

-CBS Sports: 32

Is 0-16 possible? It sure looks like it. The defense is awful and regressing by the week.

Oh it's possible, though I wouldn't bet on it.

-FOX Sports: 32

Cleveland scored on three of its first four possessions and built a 24-3 lead before the Dolphins finally awoke. Despite outscoring the Browns 28-17 over the rest of the game, the 'Fins fell in Cleo Lemon's first start of the season. Ted Ginn, Jr. had the Miami highlight of the day, returning a second-half kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown. Alas, the play was brought all the way back because of a holding penalty. It's been that kind of year for the Dolphins. At 0-6, their season's all but done. But don't tell coach Cam Cameron that. The first-year chief told reporters after the game, "The season is not half over. My experience is that when you get completely sick and tired of the feeling we have right now, then things will change." Everyone's completely sick and tired of that feeling in Miami, that's for sure. Whether things will change, though, is not as certain. But hey, the NFL Draft is just around the corner. And for what it's worth, Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson both looked pretty good this weekend.

Are you f*ckin kidding me?  Why would this guy even mention Brohm and Woodson?  It's amazing how ignorant some members of the national media can be in regards to some teams and their particular situations.  I guess they never got the memo about John Beck.  They'll get to know him soon enough, though.

-Yahoo! Sports: 31 (Jason Cole) & 31 (Charles Robinson)

Cole: Miami tried its best to make a game out of it in Cleveland after getting behind big early, but the once-proud Dolphins defense is just a wreck these days. Considering that, don't be surprised if the great Zach Thomas calls it a career at the end of the season. It's a sad end for a wonderful player.

Robinson: Someone ask Joey Porter if his $20 million in guaranteed money will be worth spending his last few years in an NFL cesspool. Forget sending the Dolphins overseas in two weeks and send someone to Germany to fish the Hamburg Sea Devils out of the local bar. I guarantee the game would be better.

Alright...I'll address the latter comment first.  Calling the Dolphins the "cesspool" of the NFL is a bit rough if you ask me.  Sure, they aren't any good right now.  But c'mon.  Detroit in the late 90s and early 2000s was a cesspool.  And saying that the Hamburg Sea Devils could make the London game a better game is really just stupid.  Here's my take on that game: I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Dolphins won that game.  They're very popular in London and it might do them some good to get away from the angry south Florida fans and feel the embrace of the English fans.  And the reality is that the Giants really aren't that good.  They don't scare me at all, really.  I think the potential is there for the offense to have a big day and what better of a situation than in London for this once proud defense to step up and play a bigtime game.

As for Cole, I really never even thought that Zach would think about retirement despite the fact that this team is struggling like it is.  But he could be on to something.  Could this year be all for Thomas?  I wouldn't bank on it, as his desire and love of the game is clearly still there.  And he's just as good as he's ever been, or at least close to it.  But I guess anything is possible.

-The Sporting News: 32

That's a franchise-record nine straight losses for the aqua men.

Thanks for stating the obvious.  I can see why he makes the big bucks. 30

This week Miami gets a chance to prove last year's 21-0 shocker over the Pats was no fluke. I think the Fish will find themselves out of water against these Pats.

Lovely analogy right there.  I'll move on.

-Football Locks: 31

Miami ran into one of the hottest offenses in the league in Cleveland, and couldn't keep up with their scoring. The only team that's given up more points than the Dolphins this season is the team they just lost to.


-NFL Report: 32

Miami is still (supposedly) powered by their defense, so backup QB Cleo Lemon accounting for 3 TDs like he did against Cleveland should've been a good thing for the Dolphins. Unfortunately not as Miami dropped their sixth straight and remain winless.

3 touchdowns?  Really?  Are you sure?  If you're going to knock this team, at least get the stats right.

Average Rank: 31

Surprising that this team actually was ranked as high as 30th.  I guess there are people out there besides me who think this team isn't as bad as its record indicates.  You call these people "idiots," myself included.