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FOX Sports, as well as ESPNews, is now reporting that Chris Chambers has been traded to the San Diego Chargers.  It is believed that the deal is for a 2nd round draft pick.

Hat tip to "Malachi V" for posting info about the trade about 5 minutes before I got this one up.

My initial thoughts, without having time to digest this move, is that I'm excited to see Ted Ginn get more playing time.  Perhaps he'll even be a starter.  As for the deal itself, I guess a 2nd round pick is fair.  I said in my post earlier that I wouldn't give up Chambers for anything less than a 2nd round pick.  I need to be careful for what I wish for, I suppose.

More reaction to come in this very post.

Your thoughts below...

**UPDATE**: The Sun-Sentinel is also now reporting this deal. Also, the FOX Sports article says that Chambers himself confirmed the deal but made no further comment because he wants to speak with Cam and Randy first. I'm actually quite interested to see how Chambers feels. He's going to a team with playoff and Super Bowl aspirations but is leaving a team that he's spent his whole career with and was likely having a good time with Ted Ginn, helping him get accustomed to the NFL life. Also, I've come to the realization that Cam and Randy love them some 2nd round picks. They've both always said, even last year, they like having a lot of picks because they can either bring in many young players or use the picks to move up in the draft to grab a player they really like but who might not fall to them. Yet again in the '08 offseason, flexibility will be a word we hear thrown around a lot as the draft nears in April.

**UPDATE #2**: Some of you asked about the salary cap effect of this for the 08 and 09 seasons. Here's the deal. The Dolphins are off the hook for $5.1 million base salary in 08 and his $4.55 million base salary in 09. They do owe him his prorated bonus money for those 2 seasons, which totals $3.834 million ($1.917 mill per season). The Dolphins can choose to divide that up over those 2 years or take the full hit in 2008. Either way, some decent money was saved.

**UPDATE #3**: And now the trade's been officially announced on the team's official website. And here are the first set of comments from the Dolphins, courtesy of Randy Mueller:

"We want to thank Chris for his contributions during his tenure with the Dolphins. This trade will give some of our younger players at that position, such as Ted Ginn and Derek Hagan, more of an opportunity this year. Chris did everything we asked of him and represented this organization in a first-class manner. We wish him and his family the best of luck in San Diego."

**UPDATE #4**: I'm just sitting here now and wondering how this trade might adversely affect Ronnie Brown and the great year he's trading. How many teams are going to worry about Cleo Lemon (or John Beck if he gets a shot) and this group of receivers led by Marty Booker, Derek Hagan, and Ted Ginn? Yards are going to get even tougher to come by for Ronnie. Also, who comes in as the 4th WR? Is it Greg Camarillo? Does Kerry Reed get signed from the practice squad? Personally, I'd like to see Reed get signed and see some action, with Camarillo remaining as the team's 5th receiver. I think Reed has something to offer in this league.

**UPDATE #5**: I just got a poll up about the trade. Be sure to vote in it, as I'm very interested in seeing how the general Dolphins fanbase feels about this move.

**UPDATE #6: DARIUS CUT**: In a move that's been overlooked so far today, the Dolphins cut safety Donovin Darius today. This is certainly interesting if you ask me. We all saw how poorly Cameron Worrell played in coverage, though he did support the run fairly well. Perhaps the Dolphins are preparing to let Jason Allen start? Could it be that the team has decided to see what, if anything, Allen brings to the table. He's been in this defense for almost a year and a half, so it's time. I guess this front office and coaching staff have finally decided it's time to look towards the future. That's certainly good news!