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Week 6 Open Thread: Dolphins at Browns

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Miami Dolphins (0-5) at Cleveland Browns (2-3)
Sunday, October 14
1:00 pm EST, CBS
Cleveland Browns Stadium
Mostly Sunny, 63 degrees
Line: Browns -4, Over/Under 45

Team Offensive Rankings

Dolphins - 19th total offense (318.8), 19th rush offense (103.4), 17th pass offense (215.4), 18th scoring offense (19.4)

Browns - 8th total offense (348.6), 16th rush offense (110.2), 9th pass offense (238.4), 7th scoring offense (25.2)

Team Defensive Rankings

Dolphins - 24th total defense (345.8), 31st rush defense (174.2), 3rd pass defense (171.6), 28th scoring defense (28.2)

Browns - 32nd total defense (424.4), 30th rush defense (157.4), 31st pass defense (267), 30th scoring defense (30.4)

Today's Inactives

Dolphins: RB Lorenzo Booker, S Travares Tillman, OLB Abraham Wright, WR Greg Camarillo, QB Trent Green, DL Vonnie Holliday, DE Rob Ninkovich, and DL Sam Rayburn

Browns: RB Jamal Lewis, QB Ken Dorsey, DB Gary Baxter, OL Isaac Sowells, OL Nat Dorsey, WR Travis Wilson, TE Darnell Dinkins, and NT Louis Leonard

3 Absolute Keys to the Game

1.Ronnie must be a beast. Brown's probably been the best running back in the NFL over the past 3 weeks. There isn't any reason why that can't continue against this bad Browns' defense. Brown needs to get the ball 25+ times to keep the pressure off of Cleo Lemon. If Lemon doesn't have to throw more than 30 times, the Dolphins could pull this one out.

2. Take some shots deep. This isn't Trent Green behind center. Cleo Lemon can actually throw the long ball. The Dolphins must keep the defense honest by taking shots down the field every so often with Chris Chambers and Ted Ginn. This should prevent the Browns from keying on Ronnie Brown all game long.

3. Get off the field on third down. This continues to be a big problem for this defense. Just last week, they allowed the Texans to convert crucial 3rd downs. The one that really hurt was when the Texans converted on 3rd and 13 in the 4th quarter, continuing a drive that would result in 3 points. Those kinds of plays are killer and if the Dolphins ever plan on winning a game or two, they must get off the damn field.

Prediction: I've been saying for about 3 weeks that the Dolphins would win, and it hasn't worked out. This week, I'll try and reverse my luck by saying the Dolphins will lose this game, 27-17.


Your thoughts below...

**UPDATE**: Will this damn team ever win a game? At this point, I don't know. After this disgusting 41-31 loss, I feel just sick. But now I can at least watch two real football teams play now and imagine what it would be like if the Dolphins were 5-0. Post-game post coming later tonight/early morning. Try to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.