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Dolphins make roster move: cut Thompson

So that's it for Lamont Thompson.  Thompson was cut today to make room for DT Sam Rayburn (well maybe he should wear more sunscreen...ok, bad joke).  Rayburn is a 5th year player who spent 2003 to 2006 with the Eagles.  He's a big guy, at 6'3, 303 and will provide depth along the line while Vonnie Holliday recovers from injury.  Also, Rod Wright may be a little banged up, as he missed practice earlier this week for reasons unknown.  Rayburn hasn't played in 2007, having been cut September 2 by the 49ers after spending all of camp with them.

But I think the bigger story here is how Lamont Thompson's career has went downhill in a hurry.  He was signed the same day Donovin Darius was, and many people were actually more excited to see Thompson.  I guess we can score one for Randy Mueller and the front office, as signing the two guys has worked out pretty well.  Darius played well before missing last week's game and will likely return to the starting lineup this week, replacing Cam Worrell (thank goodness).  Imagine what Miami's safety situation might be like if Thompson was signed and Darius wasn't due to his past injury history.  This secondary would be in even more serious trouble.  So kudos to Mueller and company. As much as they've been criticized, and wrongly so I might add, they did the smart thing in this instance.