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Power Rankings Around the Net

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Yes, I know this is being posted a little later than usual, but I just got back from a Bruce Springsteen concert (which was amazing as usual) and am exhausted.  Without further ado, let's see what the power rankings look like this week for our struggling Dolphins.

-ESPN: 32

How soon will the John Beck era begin Miami? Trent Green is out, and his career might be over. Cleo Lemon is now the starter, but it's Beck, the second-round draft pick from BYU, who's pegged as Miami's future QB. The future might be now.

Get ready to read Beck's name in most of these power ranking comments.  Just like the fans, the national media seems to be wondering when we get to see this kid.

-CBS Sports: 32

At least they're still battling. That's the good news. Now they will turn to Cleo Lemon, with John Beck soon to follow.

That's 2 Beck mentions.  My question about this one, though, is why wouldn't the Dolphins be battling?  They're paid professionals.  If they stop battling, then we have to question everyone, from players to coaches to ownership.

-FOX Sports: 32

The Dolphins are off to their worst start since 2004, when Miami began the season 0-6. With quarterback Trent Green leaving Sunday's game with yet another concussion, things could certainly get worse for the 'Fins. Cam Cameron has exhibited some curious play-calling and time management decisions in his first year as an NFL coach. On Sunday, with less than two minutes to go, the Dolphins lined up on fourth down for what would have been a 56-yard Jay Feely field-goal attempt. After lining up, Cameron called a timeout and punted instead. Houston promptly drove the field and won the game on a Kris Brown 57-yarder. The Dolphins entered the game giving up a league-worst 199 rushing yards a game. They held the Texans to just 74 yards on the ground in the loss. So, hey, at least they've that going for them. Other than that, there wasn't much to cheer about on Sunday. Or anything this entire season, for that matter.

Now that's not true.  Have they heard about Ronnie Brown?  He's certainly given us something to cheer about.  We're watching this kid grow up before our very eyes this year.  Don't forget: he's leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage.  Not too shabby!

-Yahoo! Sports: 31 (Jason Cole) & 31 (Charles Robinson)

Cole: Not much change here among the dregs of the league. The Dolphins lost a heart breaker at Houston and may have lost quarterback Trent Green for his career (concussions in back-to-back years is a message for any 37-year-old).

Robinson: Now that they're sitting at 0-5, what do the Dolphins have to lose? They might as well start rookie John Beck and see what they've got for next season (or whether they are going to have to spend their latest top 5 pick on a quarterback).

I agree with Robinson, but I wouldn't say they are going to see what they have in Beck so they know what to do in the draft.  Say he struggles.  Is that a reason to draft a QB in round 1?  No way.  A rookie is bound to struggle early on.  As long as he looks halfway decent, you don't even think about drafting a QB in round 1.

-Sporting News: 32

Why wait? The Dolphins should start playing rookie QB John Beck right now.

I've lost count, but I think that's 5 Beck mention so far.  Getting the message, Cam? 30

Awful situation for Trent Green. The worst part is that everybody could see this coming except for him.

Just ask Jason Taylor.

-Football Locks: 32

The Dolphins were unable to capitalize on another good game from Ronnie Brown, sinking to (0-5), as Houston's Kris Brown was too much leg, booting three field goals of 50 yards plus... Trent Green suffered a concussion and we wish him all the best.

Finally, somebody brings up Ronnie and how he's been a beast!

-NFL Report: 32

As if the passing game wasn't bad enough, Trent Green is out indefinitely. Now the Dolphins have to find their first victory of the season with .............Cleo Lemon?

I suppose that's the idea, at least for now.  Ugh!

Average Ranking: 31.5

Well that was fun, wasn't it?  I need sleep now.  Oh, and be sure to check out VH1 classic all day as they are doing 24 hours of Bruce Springsteen coverage!!