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Dolphins Going High Profile?

Let's start the rumors!!  We are not even 24 hours from Nick Saban's cowardly exit, and already the rumors are running rampant about who will be the next coach of the Miami Dolphins.  So, let's get right into it.  The Miami Herald thinks the Bill Cowher and Pete Carroll are options.  Here is what the article says about the possibility of Cowher coming to Miami:

The Dolphins will now start gauging their interest in candidates in earnest. The Steelers, Cowher and his agent might be among the first they contact. If Pittsburgh grants the Dolphins permission to speak with its coach, a person close to Cowher said Wednesday he would be willing to listen.

Although Cowher has a year remaining on his contract and is said to be on a family retreat in North Carolina to mull his future in Pittsburgh, the man who guided the Steelers to two Super Bowl trips and the title last season wants to coach again.

Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey and defensive coordinator Dom Capers, both former head coaches, also coached under Cowher in Pittsburgh. Capers suggested he would like to be considered for the Miami opening; Mularkey would not say. It's not known if they would stay if Cowher were hired.

There are obstacles to Cowher joining the Dolphins. He reportedly wants a contract extension in Pittsburgh that would pay in excess of $7 million annually; the Steelers offered $6 million. And the Steelers would demand draft-choice compensation in return for releasing him from his contract.

The Dolphins also would have to gauge Cowher's personal situation to see if he indeed is willing to take on a job long-term rather than for a two- to five-year spurt.

But the obstacles are not insurmountable if Cowher is receptive. Huizenga has deep pockets and said Wednesday that he badly wants his team to win.

''I don't care what it takes, what it costs, or what's involved,'' he said.

And then Armando Salguero says the following of Pete Carroll:

Carroll, who has led the Trojans to two national titles in recent years and was on Miami's list in 2004, when it last conducted a coaching search, also intrigues Huizenga.

It is unclear if Carroll, former head coach of the New York Jets, would want to leave Southern Cal -- having denied interest last year in returning to the NFL.

The Dolphins want to hire a coach who both excites fans and gives the team a chance to win almost immediately. ''We're going to go out there and kick some butt and make something happen,'' Huizenga said. ``I can guarantee that.''

The disappointment of the Saban saga is part of the reason for that strong desire. Arguably, he left a lesser team than he inherited.

I don't think bringing in Carroll is the best idea.  First of all, he didn't fare very well as a head coach in his first go around with the Jets and Pats.  Second, I really don't want to bring in a guy from the college game after what just transpired with Saban.  And to tell you the truth, I don't see why Pete Carroll would leave USC to try and build up this mess that is the  Miami Dolphins.

On the other hand, I'd be all for Bill Cowher coming down here to be "the guy."  Cowher is an excellent coach and I think he'd be the ideal person to bring this franchise back to glory.  And Wayne Huizenga, God bless his heart, would do whatever it took to get him here.  The only thing I'd be worried about is the fact that the Dolphins would possibly have to give some compensation to the Steelers for Cowher.  When this situation arose between the Raiders and Bucs over Jon Gruden, the Bucs gave up twp first round picks to the Raiders to get Gruden.  If that is what it takes to get Cowher, then there is no way Wayne should do it.  But if they can work something else out, I think Cowher would be perfect for the job.

The other rumor making its rounds comes from ProFootballTalk, where they are speculating that Bill Parcells could be a candidate to be the next head coach of the Dolphins.  They feel that Parcells could be tired of Jerry Jones in Dallas and he does have a good relationship with Dolphins GM Randy Mueller.  However, Parcells and Nick Saban both have the same agent, so that could be a roadblock between the Dolphins and Parcells ever talking.  Of course, we all know how Parcells is and if he wants to talk about coaching the Dolphins, he will.  He won't let an agent issue stand in the way.  My feelings on this?  DO NOT BRING IN BILL PARCELLS!!  I do not like him.  I do not have any respect for him.  He hasn't achieved anything outside of his work in New York with the Giants way back when.  His press conferences are awful, as he comes off looking like an angry, grumpy old man.  I am not in favor of bringing him in to coach this team.  He might be the most overrated head coach of all time.  Hopefully, these rumors from PFT are just that...rumors, and Parcells will stay far away from Miami!!

So, if I don't want Parcells or Carroll, and Cowher chooses to actually retire and doesn't come to Miami, who do I want to coach?  My top choice would be Cam Cameron, the offensive coordinator of San Diego who is scheduled to be interviewed by the Dolphins.  I think he'd make an outstanding coach and I expect him to get his first head coaching job this offseason, whether it be in Miami or somewhere else.  He's one of the hot names being thrown around by every team with a current vacancy.  If he came to Miami, he'd really work wonders with the offense.  I think he'd be good for Ronnie Brown, as he would get more opportunities and I just think that, as a unit, he would breathe some new life into this stagnant offense.  So, if we can't get Cowher, Cameron is the guy I'm on record as wanting.