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Welcome to The Phinsider

Welcome to The Phinsider, everyone!!  My goal here is to provide everyone with a place to talk Dolphin football all the time.  I'm a lifelong Dolphins fan and I hope you enjoy my writing as I share my views on the "roller coaster ride" that is Miami Dolphins football.  But first, I want to just throw out some guidelines:

  1. Anyone and everyone is welcome to post comments and/or diaries here at The Phinsider, Dolphins fan or not.  And while I understand that there are times when we all may lose our temper, please keep the swearing to a minimum.  Anything too offensive will be deleted.
  2. Use the diaries on the right hand side of the site.  The diaries are a great way for everyone to express their views on the Dolphins.  Please feel free to bring up things you feel are important or things that I missed.  The diaries are the ultimate way to get your own personal views out to the public.
  3. It's perfectly natural to make fun of other teams.  I know I do it.  It's also natural to make fun of our own team.  I do that as well.  However, please keep it about the football teams and do not let it get personal.
I will add more info if I realize anything I may have left out.  Other than that, thanks for stopping by the site.  I hope you stop by frequently and I look forward to hearing from all of you!