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Are the Dolphins Destined to win the AFC East in 2013?


With the Offseason additions the Dolphins made in 2013, they are destined to make a run for the AFC East Crown this year

Ram - Dolphins Pregame Chat Thread


Drop by and help answer and ask question this week over at thephinsider.com, the SBNation site for the Miami Dolphins. ***Please remember we're their guests"

Jeff Fuller was a first round prospect entering his senior season.


Everywhere I look on the internet, people are saying that Fuller has the potential to be a great NFL receiver. I really think we need to put this kid on the 53. He has the potential to be a true number one receiver given time and he has familiarity with Tannehill and the playbook. He had a rough senior season, but was plagued by injuries that helped in making him drop the football. If his confidence isn't shaken and he can get back to his junior form by not dropping the football, we may have truly gotten a diamond in the rough as an undrafted free agent. It could be a Bess-like pickup.

Andrew Luck, RG III Set a Record in the NFL Draft


For the first time in the NFL draft two players from the same state, playing the same position, went #1 and #2 in the NFL draft. Andrew Luck, played high school football at Houston Stratford...

Tannehill to Miami at No. 8 overall? Book it


With the 2012 NFL Draft just hours away, I announce my endorsement of a certain player to the Miami Dolphins at No. 8 overall.


Draft Day Certainties

Happy Wide-spread Disinformation Day, everyone! After months of waiting and rampant, feverish speculation, the NFL Draft is (depending on when you read this) merely hours away. After reviewing...


Let's Bet - Tannehill Will Not Be Drafted By Us

I can't wait for tomorrow to happen because then the 85% of people who honestly think Ireland will draft a second-rate QB prospect #8 overall will eat some crow. I will make a wager with up to 5...

Adam Schefter weighs in on Dolphins' options at No. 8


In the midst of pre-draft idiocy, it's Adam Schefter, of all people, who gets it right when it comes to the Dolphins and their No. 8 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Ryan Tannehill and the Legend of 'Pig Vomit'


Ryan Tannehill could be a superstar or an outright bust for the Miami Dolphins. An in-depth look at why Tannehill is such a boom-or-bust project

Kiper is officially on the Tannehill-to-Dolphins train. Choo Choo ...


Mel Kiper is on the Tannehill-to-Dolphins train. Choo Choo.

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