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Mando looks at Dolphins' horizontal draft approach


The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero yesterday published an article explaining Jeff Ireland's "horizontal" draft strategy, and how it should help the Dolphins fill their biggest needs this spring.


Criticisms of "Jeff Fireland": The "Back to the Future" Edition

(N.B.: While I have been working on the following in my head for some time, the final impetus for writing it down came when someone on the MiamiDolphins.com forum recently asked me whether I was...

Miami Dolphins Fans "Protest" at Team Facilities


A groupd of Miami Dolphins fans have planned a protest outside of the team's facilities today. Hopefully this doesn't bring even more jokes to the team and its fans.


Changing My Tune on Jeff Ireland

I'm going to be honest with you. Over the season, my position changes more often than Mitt Romney's (supposedly, politics is not my forte). I'm vehement, i'm inflexible, i'm downright stubborn......

Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland: QB Doesn't Have to Be Long-Term


Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and head coach Joe Philbin spoke with the media earlier today. Ireland spent some time speaking about the Dolphins' search for a new quarterback.

Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland Discusses Trading Up In the Draft


Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland spoke to the Sun Sentinel about trading up in the draft this week. Could the Dolphins make a move to land Robert Griffin III in the 2012 Draft?

Phinsider Wednesday Night Random Live Thread


A random live thread for Miami Dolphins fans. Tonight we look at Team Crowder vs. Team Ireland, Peyton Manning being a free agent, and the slow down in Miami Dolphins news.

Channing Crowder to Return to NFL, Not to Miami


After a year out of football, former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder is looking to return to the NFL. But he won't be putting a Dolphins jersey on again.

Miami Dolphins "One Voice" Policy Likely to Continue


The Miami Dolphins have traditionally used a "One Voice" policy - limiting which executive speaks to the media when. The Sun Sentinel reports that that policy is likely to continue - despite fans...

Miami Dolphins Looking to Renovate Sun Life Stadium


The Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, general manager Jeff Ireland, and head coach Joe Philbin visited local newspapers yesterday. One of the main topics was the future of Sun Life Stadium - and how to...

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