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WWE's Daniel Bryan appears on NFL Total Access

With a plug for the WWE Network launch on NFL Network and an increased link between pro wrestling and America's biggest sports league, the fan favorite flexes his marketing muscle.

Open Game Day Threads: Early Afternoon Games



King of the Idiots


Link: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=9716585

(WARNING: First fanshot for me, I apologize if it is incorrectly posted) Skip Bayless hates the Colts. He hates us with a passion. Why might you ask? For several reasons: A. We gave Peyton the boot out of Indy, Peyton then gave Tebow the boot out of Denver, Bayless has a massive crush on Tebow. B. We replaced a future HOF QB with another. C. He is a massive RG3 fan. The man slurps RG3ade through a straw, and hates any QB better than RG3 (Luck being one of them). If you wish to watch what this clown has to say on national television, I have provided you with a link.

Handicapping the field of NFL MVP candidates


With the NFL season in its final three weeks, talk has heated up about the NFL MVP Award. As they do every year, some in the media have anointed Peyton Manning as the favorite. But several others...

New NFL uniforms offer more revealing look at players' fronts and behinds


J.J. Watt The Postgame blog over at Yahoo is getting a lot of buzz for its look at the new NFL uniforms designed by Nike, that promise the...

Coby Fleener gets more good Luck with the Indianapolis Colts...as he requested on Grindr


Coby Fleener Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is reunited with Andrew Luck as the Indianapolis Colts selected the two former teammates with...

The NFL Draft on Grindr


Derek Dimke With the NFL Draft this week, we decided to check out the prospects via the best way for a guy to find the relationship he's...

Peyton Manning cut by Colts -- I never thought I'd see this day


Peyton Manning. Photo by Kirby Lee / US PRESSWIRE I became a fan of the Baltimore Colts when I was 6, because my older brother rooted for...

Men in tights -- the NFL combine ends


Kirk Cousins The NFL Combine, aka the Underwear Olympics, have concluded after four days of hopeful pros being tested, weighed, poked and...

Herm Edwards: Andrew Luck has "potatoes in his trunk"


It's amazing to hear the comments that football analysts make about the guys in the NFL combine. It's like they suddenly have license to examine the bodies of these top-notch athletes, and boy do...

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