Belichick on Martin-Cog

Belichick on Martin-Incognito: "I think the media blew a lot of that out of proportion, all the hype and everything."

— Chris Perkins (@chrisperk) December 11, 2013 Chris Perkins Twitter

Clay 3rd among TEs in YAC

"He's not an elite blocker, but his 331 yards after the catch rank second to just Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates. " [Of all the stats I have heard, this is the one that I find most interesting.]

Philbin a better player than Grimes... at ping pong

My meteoric rise in the world ping pong rankings suffered a major setback today when i lost to coach Philbin on the table.

— Brent Grimes (@BGrimey21) December 11, 2013 Grimes twitter

It's official: just got tickets to my 3rd game this season

I got to see the phins in Foxboro, which was fun despite the loss. Got to see them at metlife. And now I have tickets to see Phins-Jets take 2 at the Stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie in a few weeks. Let me know if you plan on being there.


Mark Duper's thoughts on Mike Wallace's drop at end of Panthers game

"He’s got to catch that last pass,’’ said former Dolphins wide receiver Mark Duper said of the length-of-the-field heave by Ryan Tannehill that twisted Mike Wallace around and went through his hands. "Let me ask you, did it hit his hands? Then he got to catch it."

Dave Hyde's "Hyde 5" article for South Florida Sun Sentinel
Lot's of good stuff from Duper in that article. Check it out...

Why Hasn't Anything Been Said About This?

I'm soooooo very surprised that there's been no talk of the penalty against Phillip Rivers that ended up being reviewed after the Chargers sideline threw a hissy fit. I've never seen a ref review a penalty call. If that would've happened in the Patriots game, the entire nation would've been livid. How do refs get away with stuff like this? Haven't they hurt us enough this season?

CKparrot's thoughts on Tannehill to Wallace

That underthrow of Tannehill's deep left to Wallace at the beginning of the the 2nd isn't what people think it is.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

Problem more about synched timing and Wallace's fit into Sherman/Philbin's one-size-fits-all passing offense, than it is about an underthrow

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

Bottom line if you want to work verticals to Wallace into this offense you've got to start adjusting the QB's drop and timing. IMO.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

Between the shotgun snap, play fake, 3 step drop and hitch step, that ball took too long to get put to a 4.28 speedster like Wallace.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013

And since it was opposite hash, that just added to the distance, making it all the more difficult, awkwardly timed.

— Chris Kouffman (@ckparrot) November 18, 2013 Interesting

Podcast Canceled This Evening

Podcast Canceled For This Evening

I apologize but due to everyone having other commitments this evening there will be no podcast this week. Please check back with us next week.

Is this an accurate portrayal of the locker room?

"Many veterans say the hardest thing to understand about the Dolphins situation is why teammates would rally around Incognito while essentially ostracizing Martin. It's worth wondering why nobody on that team has expressed concern for Martin."


Ha - The word of the day on Sesame Street is incognito. Seriously.

— Adam Schein (@AdamSchein) November 11, 2013 ...
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