I just drafted my fantasy team and wanted your opinion

  1. Qb-cam newton, josh freeman
  2. Rb-reggie bush, darren sproles, ben tate
  3. Wr-stevie johnson, julio jones, vincent jackson, antonio brown, malcom floyd
  4. Te-vernon davis, brandon pettigrew
  5. K/Def- jason hanson / Seattle seahawks, houston texans

Yesterday's defensive OTA standouts

  1. DT: Paul Soliai, Kheeston Randall
  2. DE: Jared Odrick
  3. CB: Sean Smith (MVP of the day)
  4. S: Reshad Jones

Yesterday's offensive OTA standouts

  1. QB: David Garrard
  2. WR: Brian Hartline, Roberto Wallace, BJ Cunningham, Jeff Fuller
  3. TE: Charles Clay
  4. RB: Lamar Miller
  5. O-line: Jake Long

NFL Quarterbacks with fewer college starts than Ryan Tannehill

  1. Matt Cassel - 0
  2. Matt Flynn - 13
  3. Cam Newton - 14
  4. Joe Flacco - 15
  5. Mark Sanchez - 16

What's the biggest surprise of 1st round?

  1. Browns select Brandon Weeden in 1st Round?
  2. Patriots trade up 2 times!
  3. 49ers select AJ Jenkins.
  4. Melvin Ingram falls to 18 (Chargers)
  5. Browns trade 1 sport to secure Trent Richardson.

Expect The Unexpected

  1. Everyone thought Manning was definitely going to be a Dolphin, WRONG
  2. Everyone thought Flynn was definitely going to be a Dolphin, WRONG
  3. Everyone thinks Tannehill will be a Dolphin.....
  4. just saying! everything we thought would happen didnt!
  5. so let's kick back, grab some brewskis and enjoy the show!

Tunaflipper's Muck Draft

  1. st round: trade for a 1st and 2nd 2013 pick
  2. nd round: trade for a 2nd and 3rd 2013 pick
  3. rd round: trade for a 3rd and 4th 2013 pick
  4. th round: trade for a 5th and 6th 2013 pick
  5. th round: do you not yet get my point?

Reasons he wont come.....

  1. Tom Brady x 2
  2. The Jets x 2
  3. Wants sub-par competition
  4. Larry Fitzgerald
  5. im wrong

On the bright side..

  1. Henne looked great! 400 yards 2 TDs (with a INT at the end that did't count)
  2. Brandon Marshall is still a beast! As is Bush!
  3. Wake looked good towards the end
  4. No ST miscues
  5. Smith and Davis for the most part shutdown their respective receivers!

If you could steal one player from each of the other 3 teams in the AFCE, who would they be?

  1. Patriots- Tom Brady (No brainer)
  2. Bills - Kyle Williams (had to think for a while but Williams is unblockable)
  3. Jets - Nick Mangold (tough to choose between him and Revis but Mangold is the best center in the league, by a HUGE margin)
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