Cheerleaders VS Holloween

  1. Just pictures
  2. Different teams
  3. Just lots of smiles
  4. Mix of fun & suprize
  5. sum look as if they need jackets

The Dolphins Speed Package Breakdown

  1. Cameron Wake(4.65 40 yd dash, 1.63 10 yard dash)
  2. Olivier Vernon(4.73 40 yd dash, 1.63 10 yd dash)
  3. Dion Jordan(4.54 40 yd dash, 1.61 10 yd dash)
  4. Phillip Wheeler(4.76 40 yd dash, 1.56 10 yd dash)
  5. Danelle Ellerbe(4.63 40 yd dash, 1.62 10 yd dash) Koa Misi & (4.75 40 yd dash, 1.64 10 yd dash)

Strangely true stats after week 2.

  1. Matt Moore is leading the league in:
  2. Passing yardage
  3. Attempts AND Completions
  4. Completions of 20 yds or more
  5. Near-death experiences.

Going to my first game at Joe Robbie on Sunday. I have some questions...

  1. Any places/exhibits that are a must see?
  2. Any tips on getting autographs?
  3. Where is the Dan statue?
  4. Do people still sing "Miami Dolphins #1"?
  5. What are your favorite things to see while there?

Early Thoughts

  1. Starting Tanny was the right decision. This will be fun to watch him develop
  2. Not surprised at all at Reggie being the beast he is. Hard work pays. Praying he stays healthy again.
  3. Koa Misi doesn't suck. Wow, who knew?
  4. Paging Jared Odrick... paging Jared Odrick.
  5. Loved the Brandon Marshall and Vontae trades. Everybody else better get on board with what Uncle Joe is puttin down or they'll be on a rail too. I like that about Uncle Joe.

Score of Texans game - What do you think?

  1. Texans more than 40 and Dolphins less than 17 - I believe this is the correct repsonse.
  2. Texans between 30 and 40 and Dolphins less than 17
  3. Texans between 20 and 30 and Dolphins less than 17
  4. Texans squeak by again by a field goal
  5. Dolphins pull off biggest early season upset of 2012

Just had my Fantasy Draft tonight (10 team). What do you guys think?

  1. QB - Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco
  2. RB - Jamaal Charles, Ahmad Bradshaw, Donald Brown, LeGarrette Blount, D. Thomas, & Rashard Mendenhall
  3. WR - Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, Eric Decker, Torrey Smith, Heyward-Bey, & Devone Bess
  4. TE - Jimmy Graham
  5. Def & K - Eagles / Dan Carpenter

Is it possible the dolphins aren't looking to trade vontae, but are actually talking with the colts about trading bush?

  1. Usually, when a team is looking to trade a player, they dont play them much so they don't get injured. last night, even though almost all of the starters played the first half, reggie was taken out after the first series. Isnt it strange that thomas took most of the 1st team snaps, and reggie barely played even though all the other starters played the whole half?
  2. Daniel Thomas showed that he can be a starting RB last night. he took advantage of every opportunity and got some great yards. steve slaton looked like a dynamite pass catcher out of the backfield and played well all night. we all know what lamar miller can do, with his speed and strength, while marcus thigpen is making a case to stay on the team with his pass catching and return ability.
  3. The packers offense never used speedy RBs, they never even tried to get them. the packers offense was built off of short, horizontal passes and bruising runs that open up the deep pass.
  4. The Colts current starter is Donald brown, not exactly the best backup plan for andrew luck. theyd love to get someone like bush to help out luck, and the dolphins have a lot of depth at the RB position. The only major loss i see from this is the loss of Reggie's leadership, but i think tannehill may replace him to be alongside dansby and long as captain. tannehill's leadership has already drawn praise.
  5. Last night, it was painfully obvious that our WR corps is the worst in the NFL. all of our WRs other than davone Bess were absolute garbage. Hartline should be ready to go by the next preseason game, and his return shoudl help (love him or hate him, you cant argue he is better than any WR on our roster not named davone bess), but even hartline wont solve the problem. bringing someonelike reggie wayne in, however, could solve the issue. Wayne is a legit number 1 WR, and gives a reliable 1-2-3-4 WR corps with Wayne, bess, hartline and either naanee, pruitt or whoever else makes it. Not only can we pull in wayne with this deal, but we could also bring in a draft pick, maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder, which would really set this franchise up for a bright future. and anyone who thinks wayne isnt the WR he used to be or that he was just a product of peyton manning, the dude had 900 yds last year with curtis painter throwing to him, CURTIS PAINTER!

What do these guys have in common?

  1. Davone Bess
  2. Brandon London
  3. Ernest Wilford
  4. Ted Ginn Jr.
  5. Greg Camarillo

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